Celebrating the Ella Celebration Way

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Celebrating the Ella Celebration Way

In 2017, not only were we able to provide a range of products fit for almost all celebrations, we also pitched in suggestions on how to throw one. Here at Ella Celebration, we celebrate by…

…Embracing the season

It’s usually the flowers that dent the finances when couples don’t plan their wedding thoughtfully. Staying in tune with the season’s blooms will cut down the wedding decoration costs. More importantly, you’ll be assured of the freshest flowers for your big day. For the whole year, we came up with in-season flower varieties for winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Take your pick!

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Guests appreciate favors that are useful to them. These wedding favors for summer weddings will surely find their way to your guests’ hearts.

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The changing color of leaves, the crisp air, the rustic scent – it’s easy to see why autumn is a highly awaited time of the year. You can amplify the feel of autumn of your big day by incorporating autumn elements in your wedding.

Tapping into the current season’s offerings will save you a lot of resources and ensure fresh stocks.

…Exploring alternative ways to celebrate

Weddings have turned into a consumerist circus because of the mounting pressure on couples to spend on this and that. At Ella Celebration, we defy this norm. You can say no to the things you can’t and don’t want to spend on. By demystifying elopement, couples can get married privately and quietly without feeling guilty about not inviting a lot of guests. They can still throw a reception way after the elopement if they want.

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If you’re one of those people who gets uncomfortable with the traditional wedding format, you can defy rules with these “anti-wedding guidelines. Would you like to ditch the first dance and play board games instead? No problem!

In this article on how to celebrate a 21st birthday,we offer alternative options aside from throwing a party. There are more ways than one to celebrate entry to adulthood.

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 What’s the point of celebrating if you are only doing it because everyone is doing it? Whatever makes you happy and comfortable is worth celebrating. That’s all that matters.

…Finding the joy in every milestone.

Some people take a step back from celebrations simply because they think they don’t deserve it. Regardless of who you are or what you’ve been through, we say otherwise.

At 16, the world is a playground to explore – play, stumble, learn, get up, and play again. In this sweet 16 article,we remind readers of why turning 16 calls for a celebration.

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We also showered our golden celebrants with some love through this50th birthday feature. 50 and fabulous applies to all who welcome it with open arms.

Celebrations aren’t just limited to birthdays and weddings. Here at Ella Celebration, other milestones are worth throwing a party for. If you can’t wrap your head around a retirement party, readthis.

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If you need to be reminded how and why you should celebrate, just head over to Ella Celebration for tips. Don’t forget to check out our product catalog!