How to Pull Off a Morning Wedding

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How to Pull Off a Morning Wedding

When we think of weddings, we so often think of afternoon weddings followed by hors devours, or evening weddings with candle-lit receptions.  But what about the couple who feel love mornings and breakfast foods?  A morning wedding can actually still be very elegant and sweet.  While brides might have to wake earlier to do their hair and makeup, and some vendors may have to alter their typical schedules to prepare for the day, having a morning wedding might actually be more-stress free than an evening wedding.  For example, after the reception, the happy couple is free to soak in the rest of the day or maybe even get a head start on a honeymoon trip.  Whatever the case, a morning wedding can still be romantic and charming.  Here are some inspiring tips for pulling off a morning wedding.

Time and Place

Brunch is typically considered to fall anywhere between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm, so aim for the reception to begin sometime after 11:30.  That means that your ceremony can be around 11:00 a.m. Anything earlier may deter guests from coming due to an early wakeup call!  Morning wedding venues often include outdoor selections like backyards, gardens, and waterfront areas, so if considering something like this, be sure to scope out the venue during the selected ceremony time.  That way you know where the sunlight falls during that time of day and what kind of lighting you (and your photographer!) will be working with.

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While it is always up to the bride and groom to set the tone for their wedding dress code, the majority of morning weddings are more casual than those held in the evening.  Brides might wear a dress made of a more casual fabric, or might opt for something that isn't full-length.  The same goes for the bridesmaids' dresses.  Groomsmen can ditch their suit jackets and sometimes might even forgo a tie.  Wedding guests might wear their Sunday best.  However, there is absolutely no reason a morning wedding can't be a little more formal and upscale.  Just keep in mind that it may be hard to relay this information to your guests in a tactful way. 


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Noon probably isn't the best time to try and force guests out onto a dance floor to boogie to a DJ's selection of the Cupid Shuffle.  Music, though, is still a necessity for a morning ceremony and reception.  According to wedding planner Kristen Doggett, via Martha Stewart Weddings, live music by a small-piece band is the best choice.  Consider a string quartet, small jazz band, or even a solo artist playing the guitar or piano.  The couple can still request all of their favorite songs to serve as the backdrop for the day, and this way they can still have their first dance, father-daughter dance, and mother-son dance.  

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Now it's time to talk about the best part of a morning wedding: the food! Perhaps one of the most special and unique aspects of a morning wedding is the ability to find fun ways to serve breakfast food or brunch-style food.  No expensive prime rib or heavy dinner buffet! Consider having an omelette station where guests can build their own omelettes with various mix-ins, or a cereal bar.  Waffles, french toast, crepes, and pancakes can be cut into small pieces and served on toothpicks and dipped in individual cups of maple syrup.  Mini-quiches, mixed with a variety of fillings like cheese, sausage, spinach, and mushrooms, would also be a great way to give guests options. And don't forget the drinks!  Consider having a coffee bar, smoothie station, or mimosa stand.

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Finger foods that are often used in evening weddings like chicken tenders, mini-sliders, and small sandwiches can work as well.

And just because it's a breakfast or brunch menu certainly doesn't mean that there can't be wedding cake!  If the couple wishes to have cake, nobody will object to that.  However, there are plenty of fun ways to offer a lighter fare.  A muffin tier, pastry tower, or even a selection of donuts can be a great way to enjoy something sweet without the heaviness of wedding cake.

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If a morning wedding is something you and your partner are interested in, don't shy away from it! There are endless ways to enjoy a fun and sweet day with your friends and family.  If you do your research and plan in advance, you can probably save more money than you would with an evening wedding, and you can anticipate any issues that guests may have when considering attending an early wedding.  Start planning now and you can ensure a sweet and fun day!