5 Great Reasons To Hold a New Year Wedding

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5 Great Reasons To Hold a New Year Wedding

Setting a wedding on New Year ’s Day is usually met with mixed reactions. The maddening holiday rush is already enough to keep people on their toes, so why would anyone want to add their wedding to the picture? With the craziness of the Yuletide season aside, holding your wedding on a New Year's day can be pretty exciting! 

Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t rule out a New Year wedding.

#1 Reunion with Family and Friends

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There is at least one reunion every day during the winter holidays. If deciding on your wedding date depends on the availability of your guests, setting it close to New Year’s Day is the answer to your problem. You’ll provide people with the perfect reason to meet up and reunite with friends and long-time family, and they’ll have no reason to ditch your wedding! Needless to say, a New Year wedding is perfect for a social butterfly.

But New Year isn’t just for party animals…

#2 Sneak away on a “holiday” trip

Couples who prefer a small, intimate wedding but feel the need to tiptoe around their relatives and friends who expect to be invited can jet off to a holiday destination and tie the knot there. Turn your back on lavish weddings and embrace elopement, minus the guilt.

Elopement has a bad rap in some cultures where a wedding is a highly social event, but if you strip the modern wedding of all the frivolities attached to it, you will realize that a real wedding still happens in an elopement.

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Head over to Ruffled Blog if you want to check out some ideas on how you can pull this off. Their elopement project has enough sparkle for two.  

#3 Cold weather

The cold weather complements all the fuzziness, romance, and warmth in weddings. Plus, sentimentality is generally higher in the transition from one year to the next. There’s something in the cold that stirs up a lot of emotions.

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The cold weather is favorable for dressing up too. Less humidity means no sweating and women don’t have to worry about their hair and makeup. If you want to do your wedding outdoors in the snow, have a backup venue or room ready just in case it gets too freezing.

#4 Go crazy on the sparkle

Because of the rising minimalist trend, sparkle and shimmer are used sparingly nowadays, if at all, but there are occasions when one can get away with them, and one of them is during the New Year.

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Don’t be shy when it comes to using sparkles for your New Year wedding. Since you're ringing in the New Year and tying the knot at the same time, don't be afraid to.pile it on!

#5 New Year, New Life

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There’s no better way to start the year than celebrating a lifelong commitment with your significant other. That’s just unbeatable. The rowdy party is optional, though highly encouraged.

Worth the work!

The hectic holidays can be the potential canvass of a horror wedding planning, but if you embrace the work that goes behind a New Year wedding, you’ll find that holding the best time of your life at the start of the year will be the best decision that you will ever make.