7 "Save The Date" Ideas Your Guests Won’t Forget

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7 "Save The Date" Ideas Your Guests Won’t Forget

What’s the point of a "save the date" if you’re already sending out invitations? This is a common question that pops up at the start of the wedding planning.

Save the dates are not mandatory for weddings but think of it as a heads-up prior to the more in-depth invitation. Couples usually have a date in mind before they decide on the venue. If you can’t provide the complete details yet, a save the date is a much-appreciated tool so guests can block off their calendars for your wedding. This way, you can determine early in the planning stage which guests are most likely to confirm.

These cute save the dates will give you a better picture of why it’s good to distribute them to your guests.

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Photo via WeddMagz

You don’t need to be a movie buff to appreciate this Wedding Crashers-inspired save the date. This will crack up your guests, even if some of them haven’t seen the movie. The couple can do a photo op to recreate the movie poster but if you have a few photo editing skills up your sleeve, there’s no need for a big production.

 save the date

Photo via Wedding Forward

Wedding save the dates don’t have to be hilarious and kooky all the time. This one highlights the date and that’s all you need. There’s really not much dressing up that needs to be done when you have the sky and the sea as your background.

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Photo by One Life Photography

According to the photographer, the couple graduated from the same school where the football stadium is. As with any other element in wedding planning, the most important factor to consider is that the end-product reflects your personality and lifestyle as a couple. This save the date idea hits it right on the nail.

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Photo by The Lees Photography via Country Living

Share the spotlight with your pets in your wedding by having them announce that their humans are tying the knot. Pets can get skittish when you make them pose for the camera, so make sure your photographer knows how to work with them.

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Photo via Cute Wedding Ideas

Bring out your childhood photos if you want to go full throttle on emotional appeal for your save the date. This will surely bring out the biggest smiles from older relatives and guests who have seen the couple in different stages of their lives.


Photo via Offbeat Bride

This couple had a lot of creative ideas to share, and they made sure it manifested in their stop-motion save the date video. They gave the audience a light-hearted depiction of the pains of long distance relationship before revealing their big day. According to the couple, it took them at least “50 hours of iteration, 30 hours of production and 10 hours of editing.” And all the toiling paid off! Watch the whole video here.

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Photo via Invitations by Dawns

Save the dates should be memorable enough to serve their purpose, that is, for your guests not to forget your wedding day. They surely won’t if your save the date is this puzzle set that they need to put together to unlock the date.

When is the best time to send your save the date?

Wedding invitations are normally sent out six to eight weeks before the wedding day. Send your save the date six to eight months before the big day. It’s especially important to send them earlier for destination weddings to give your guests enough time to make travel arrangements and iron out logistics.

Have fun making your save the date!