A Retirement Party - Why Not?

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A Retirement Party - Why Not?

What is retirement like? Although it is a welcome change for many, it is different for every person. Some may find it a strange stage, especially if they’re used to the hustle and bustle of work.

Throw the best retirement party for your parent, sibling, friend, or colleague with the following tips:

Create a Catchy Invitation

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Photo via Paper Source

Like all parties, there should be an interesting lure to pique the guests’ interests. This preppy but whimsical invitation suits the personality of a retiree who looks forward to his days in the vast green golf course.

The catchiest invitations are ones that are customized to fit the personality of the retiree. Go an extra step doing just that and your guests may wish for the retirement party to come sooner.

A Game-for-Anything Squad

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Photo via Custom Ink

Nothing beats the support of a stable squad when entering a new, unfamiliar stage in life. It’s even better when the guests wear their support – literally. Check out these shirts from Custom Ink for a “Stanford professor, physician, and magician extraordinaire” and his gang. These shirts can double as souvenirs too!

A Glittering Reminder of Things of the Days Ahead

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Photo via Ella Celebration

Tell the whole world of the upcoming retirement in the most fabulous way! This crystal rhinestone-encrusted cake topper, made of silver metal alloy, measures 4.5” wide and 2” tall, so it’s definitely hard not to notice. You don’t need a fancy cake to make heads turn. You can adjust the height by cutting the prongs to your designed length. The celebrant can keep the topper as a souvenir after you remove the prongs.

Sense of Humor

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Photo via Trefzger’s Bakery

Although retirement is a touchy subject for some, the party should still be filled with fun and sense of humor. You can poke a little fun at the celebrant, as long as it’s not offensive in any way. As long as the joke or prank is said or done out of affection, it shouldn’t dampen the party mood. The dismantled clock cake celebrates the retiree’s freedom from the rigid work schedule – a little humor without stepping on anyone’s sensibilities.

The Retirement Bucket List

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Photo via The Mombot

A life of uncertainty lies ahead for many retirees, but if one chooses to see it differently, it is the perfect time to do the things that could not be done because of work. What would the guests like the celebrant to do to enjoy retirement? Amy of The Mombot organized a retirement party for her mother. She included a bucket list where people could drop off their suggestions on what her mother Joyce could do during her retirement.

No Room for Gloom

Although retirement is an emotional turning of a page, avoid from turning the retirement party into an overly dramatic occasion. Ease the retiree into the best days of his or her life and show your 101% support for it.