5 In-Season Flowers for Your Autumn Wedding

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5 In-Season Flowers for Your Autumn Wedding

Autumn is a lovely transition season. Once the leaves start turning red, you know that it’s time to bid summer adieu and the cold season is just around the corner.

Depending on where you live, autumn may also be the last time you’ll see foliage in full bloom before the frost covers the flora for winter. The fall season boasts of fiery colors and enticing scents.

Earlier this year, Ella Celebration shared some ideas for spring and summer wedding flowers.

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This time, we give you some ideas for autumn wedding flowers.

Kangaroo Paw

          These delicate, versatile fillers that come in fiery colors of autumn are great at complementing bigger flowers. In the photo below, the wispy burgundy kangaroo paws are noticeable but they also do a great job in framing other autumn wedding flowers like the humongous Queen Protea and burgundy dahlias.  

autumn wedding flowers

Photo via Elle Decor

Take note that they can be a bit fuzzy, so make sure that the bride (and groom!) don’t have allergies to certain flowers.


          A stem of yarrow is already a rich sight to behold. Bunch several of them together with other autumn wedding flowers and you have a dreamy, velvet-like bouquet. They come in many shades but if you want to showcase autumn in your wedding, combine sunny yellows with the standard orange and red hues of autumn.

autumn wedding flowers

Photo via 1800 Flowers

The arrangement above, though simple and easy to execute, screams autumn. The yellow yarrow surrounds sunset orange roses. Instead of vases, the stylist resourcefully used butternut squash, which is an autumn staple. There’s an elegant and smashing centerpiece!

Calla lily

          The calla lily is regal in white, but for autumn, opt for the deep plum shades. It will look gorgeous as a bunch against the immaculate white bridal gown.

autumn wedding flowers

Photo via Ruffled Blog

As you can see, it doesn’t need the help of other flowers to stand out.


Daisies bloom from spring to early fall. Since you won’t be seeing them around for as the cold sets in. Pay a fitting tribute by using bright orange gerbera daisies in your bouquet.

autumn wedding flowers

Photo via Angel Minaro


Chocolate cosmos

If there’s one flower variety that’s small but makes a big impact, it’s definitely the chocolate cosmos.

autumn wedding flowers

Photo via Mon Cherie Bridals

Minimalism is all the rage right now, but some brides still want a little extra flair on top of the clean lines. The chocolate cosmos is reliable for this purpose, thanks to its long, graceful stem that ends with dark (red with chocolate undertones) small flower. True, it’s small, but it cannot go unnoticed.

They’re seen in a lot of bridal bouquets and centerpieces so we’re showing how chocolate cosmos are ingeniously incorporated into this minimalist cake, along with lighter-colored autumn wedding flowers.

Bonus: Acorns and berries in boutonnieres

Don’t limit yourselves to autumn wedding flowers. While winter has its own set of blooms, autumn is the last season associated with sun and vegetation. Use every element of nature available this season.

autumn wedding flowers

Photo via My Wedding

This boutonniere with acorn and berry accents is beyond gorgeous. Kudos to the stylist for thinking beyond flowers.

A Final Note

There’s no need to restrict oneself to autumn wedding shades. Just remember that when your flowers are in season, you’ll likely end up with a fresh arrangement at a good price.