5 Flowers in Season for your Winter Wedding

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5 Flowers in Season for your Winter Wedding

If you’ve been following the Ella Celebration for quite some time, you might have read our features on spring, summer, and autumn flowers.

When you take full advantage of in-season flowers, you significantly save money on styling expenses and you get the freshest blooms. Don’t fight the conditions of nature. Every season carries its own kind of beautiful – even the cold winter.


Amaryllis comes in a variety of colors, much to the delight of those who seek color in the winter gloom. Choose from white, pink, red, orange, and even dual-shade varieties. This lily look-alike will definitely not disappoint in the coldest time of the year.

winter wedding flowerse 

Photo via Deer Pearl Flowers

The beet-colored amaryllis will contrast perfectly against the white of winter.


Anemone in Greek translates to “daughter of the wind.” That’s why it got its moniker “windflower”.

The anemone starts blooming in fall and extends into winter. They’re the perfect go-to flower if you want to bring a little element of wilderness in your wedding. Put them in your bouquet, table arrangement, and even boutonniere.

winter wedding flowers

Photo by Audrey Rose Photography via Courtney Inghram

 Anemone is a striking but no-frills flower, making it a suitable focal point for boutonnieres.


Poinsettias may be a predictable inclusion in this winter wedding flowers list, but that doesn’t mean they have to be predictable in execution. How do you stay away from the holiday stereotype linked to poinsettia?

 winter wedding flowers

Photo by Okishima & Simmonds via Mon Cheri Bridals

 Steer clear of the red and white varieties. Who’s to say you can’t bring back summer, even just for a while? The pink poinsettias look delicious against the green complements.

Star of Bethlehem

Although they start blooming in spring, Star of Bethlehem has a long shelf life. If you still want these dainty, star-shaped flowers in your winter wedding, count on the florist to whip out a bunch for you.

 winter wedding flowers

Photo via Temple Square

The star of Bethlehem has a playful vibe that’s highly sought after during winter. Mix them with other flowers and they’ll be guaranteed team players. They won’t disappoint as a stand-alone bouquet too.

The star of Bethlehem symbolizes purity and hope, qualities welcome in starting a new chapter with someone for the rest of your lives.


The scabiosa got its nickname “pincushion flower” for its appearance. As a perennial, you’ll see it bloom in May or June and can last all the way to winter. This hardy flower variety comes in vibrant colors that will fit any season.

 winter wedding flowers

Photo via Trille Floral

Deep plum – almost black - scabiosas contribute heavily in pulling off the plum and blush color scheme, a classic winter wedding color palette. The scabioasas are accompanied by roses, peonies, and ranunculus – winter wedding flowers themselves.

These 5 are just several of the many flower varieties feasible for a winter wedding. Talk to your florist about the flowers in-season. Some couples tend to stick to what they already have in mind so florists usually just follow what they say. If you allow your florist and stylist to make in-season suggestions, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome (and savings).