Cleaning up before a party

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Cleaning up before a party

Even the most experienced host/hostess may have had to deal with a last-minute party and a less-than-presentable house. There's no need to fret, though. Your guests will most likely cover the living room, dining area, kitchen, and guest bathroom, so these should be your priority areas in cleaning up before a party. Here are a couple of tips to get your house party-ready in no time.


  1. De-clutter misplaced items or disorganized areas.

Remember the basic rule of de-cluttering: put things back where they belong. It's also useful to have a box or basket where you can stash all your belongings when you only have a few minutes to clean up.


  1. Wipe the surfaces clean.

No to dusty and grimy surfaces! Wipe all visible surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner before the guests arrive. Take extra care that your dining table and kitchen counters are clean because that’s where your food will go.


  1. Vacuum and mop the floor.

One round of this routine will do if you don't have time. It doesn't have to be shiny clean to the point that your guests see their reflection on the floor.


  1. Empty all your trash bins.

Yes, even if they are only half full. Make space for trash during the party. If your trash bins don’t have lids, emptying them before the party gives the room a lift.


  1. Restock on bathroom essentials.

For the guest bathroom, the essentials are toilet paper, hand towels, and handwash. Don't wait for the guests to ask for these.


  1. Dedicate a spot for guests' belongings.

If you have a lot of guests, you may want to designate a spot where they can put all their belongings.  Perhaps a chest or a table in the receiving area will do. An umbrella holder and coat hanger will come in handy too.


  1. Wash your cooking ware before the guests arrive.

Your guests might come in the kitchen to give you a hand in preparation and serving. Even though all the hosting dirty work happens in the kitchen, you'll still want to keep it as tidy as possible. Wash whatever cooking ware you are done with before the guests arrive. Besides, you might get too tired after the party to clean up.


  1. Freshen up your furniture.

A spritz of linen spray on your furniture or air freshener in the room will make your house feel cleaner than it actually is.


  1. Set out some candles


Light candles in certain areas of the house for a warm, welcoming effect. Use a scented candle if you don't want to spray the room. Alternatively, you can also fire up an elegant aromatherapy burner for a more relaxing ambiance.

It's still best to clean your house regularly, especially if you like having guests over frequently, but out-of-the-blue parties are unavoidable once in a while. Follow these hacks and master them to keep the party-planning stress under control.