5 Flowers in Season for Your Summer Wedding

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5 Flowers in Season for Your Summer Wedding

Say hello to summer weddings! Showcase the best of summer by walking down the aisle (and adorning it) with summer wedding flowers. Using in-season flowers will save you a substantial sum.

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These flowers are definitely blooming in abundance this season.


Nothing screams “Summer!” louder than sunflowers. If you want the complete summer feel to your wedding, don’t rule sunflowers out of the story.

summer wedding flowers

Photo by Nami Dadlami Photography via Mon Cheri Bridals
summer wedding flowers
Photo by Jessica Grace Photography via Mon Cheri Bridals

Sunflowers look great on their own, but the contrast of white and blue in this summer wedding bouquet brings out the bright yellow of the sunflowers even more. When using blooms with strong features like the sunflower, it’s always best to use other flowers that draw attention to the bigger flowers, not compete with them.


If you choose orchids for your summer wedding, you’re definitely a person with impeccable taste. Orchids are distinctly elegant flowers, regardless of the species. Their natural beauty hardly requires further enhancement, which is why florists don’t go crazy with the aesthetics when they decorate with orchids.

Photo by Liz Banfield via Martha Stewart Weddings

This immaculately white bridal bouquet doesn’t need the company of other flowers anymore. Orchids shine in their own shape, size, and color. Celebrate it, don’t hide it.

summer wedding flowers

Photo via Invites Weddings

Use accents that will bring out the orchids’ features, not shroud them. This minimal low-key centerpiece brings maximum results. The orchids’ vibrant hue is showcased by the clear glass and complemented by the white candle on top.


Summer brides are lucky because the flowers in-season are versatile and cost-friendly. One of them is Alstromeria, also known as the Peruvian Lily. They come in many shades, and may be used alone or as accents to other flowers.

summer wedding flowers

Photo by Vivid Pink Photography via Style Me Pretty

A pink and white bouquet of Alstromeria makes for an effortless final touch to the bridal look, as if the bride just picked them up from a flower bed before walking down the aisle.

summer wedding flowers

Photo by Theresa Furey Photography via Rock My Wedding

Alstromeria is a good team player too, as can be seen here in this multi-colored floral table arrangement.


Amaranthus is also known as the Tassle Flower or Prince’s feather as it resembles both. Used by the Aztecs in several rituals, this impressionable flower has a rich history attached to it.

summer wedding flowers

Photo by Majesta Patterson via Ruffled

The Amaranthus, collectively called Amaranthi, makes a good frame for a bohemian bouquet because of its wispy growth. It’s the perfect go-to summer flower for effortless style, and is available in the summer all the way to autumn.

summer wedding flowers

Photo by Erin Jean Photography via 100 Layer Cake

Extend the use of the amaranthi all the way to the décor. Adding the green, flowy amaranthi to your chandelier flower arrangement makes the setting look organic, as if the flowers naturally grew up there.


Didiscus is sown in early spring and flowers between July to August. They normally bloom in delicate lavender blue but there are also white varieties.

summer wedding flowers

Photo via Style Me Pretty

A stem or two of didiscus adds a splash of vibrant color among the feminine pastel pinks and whites, as shown above. The lacy texture commands attention too.

summer wedding flowers

Photo by Constança Cabral via Flickr

Didiscus is also a cool complement to the yellows of summer. With its versatility, it has secured itself a place in any part of the wedding – from the bridal bouquet to the table arrangements.