How to Add Touches of Autumn to Your Wedding

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How to Add Touches of Autumn to Your Wedding

When you want to pull off an autumn wedding, there’s no need to splatter red and orange around the room like crazy. It’s your wedding, not just another theme party.

Allow us to guide with inserting bits and pieces of autumn on your big day.

#1: Maple Leaf

autumn wedding

Photo via Ella Celebration

Your guests would love to get their hands on this vintage maple leaf opener, which can also serve as a decorative piece. The 2.75”x1” bottle openers are made of metal alloy that will last a long time, unlike other autumn wedding favors that barely make it to the wedded couple’s first anniversary. Functional and beautiful, these useful goodies will find their way in your guests' homes where they will serve as a reminder of a great wedding.

#2 Bare Trees

autumn wedding

Photo via My Wedding

Some people dread the sight of trees turning bare but just look at that table arrangement above. It’s nowhere close to dreadful. A hint of red on the branches, a few greens on the base, and several candles bring warmth to this long table. Moreover, this arrangement strays from the typical red and orange that’s normally associated with autumn. Plus points for originality!

#3 Rustic Acorns

autumn wedding

Photo via Intimate Weddings

How about some acorns in your wedding? You’ll find these quintessential autumn symbols lying around everywhere so make the best use of them and save up on autumn wedding decorations. Remember to wash them properly and bake them to ensure that they’re clean and insect-free.

This napkin ring idea from Intimate Weddings maximizes the abundance of acorn during the autumn season. You get to use these after the wedding too, and even all-year round.

#4 Twinkling Pumpkins

autumn wedding

Photo via Martha Stewart

Cinderella rode a pumpkin to see her Prince Charming. You may not be able to replicate the magical element of that pumpkin but you can make them look like they came straight out of a fairytale by stringing led lights into the pumpkins. Pumpkin lanterns in a chilly autumn night – how delightful is that? This requires a little patience and DIY skills but when you pull it off, it’s going to be worth your effort. Click on the link below the photo for the instructions.

#5 Appetizing Apples

autumn wedding

Photo via Happy Wedd

When you’ve run out of ways to make table pieces pop, water and candles can come to your aid. There’s something about the modesty of this water and candle combination that is undeniably classy. Add apples to the autumn wedding equation, and you can wow your guests to a whole new level of style. Most of all, it doesn’t really take a lot of effort to arrange. You can even use clear bowls for this concept if you don’t want to add the autumn leaves to the base anymore. Your health-conscious guests will thank you for dessert, too.

Your wedding doesn’t have to be an Autumn in New York set, but at least the vibe is there. They key is not to replicate the whole season. Just bring in the autumn wedding vibe and let your guests’ imagination do the rest.