The Quintessential Splurge vs. Save Wedding Planning Guide

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The Quintessential Splurge vs. Save Wedding Planning Guide

Wedding planning entails spending, yet resources are limited. Does it sound like an economics problem? That’s the reality of pulling off a great wedding nowadays. Given a certain budget, how much will you spend for which part of your wedding?

No matter how much you have, here’s a rundown of what you should splurge on and what you can play around with to save.

Splurge: Wedding Photography

Selection of the wedding photographer is one of the most well-thought-out decisions in any wedding planning journey, and for a good reason.

Weddings are happy occasions you wish you can do all over again. Photos and videos are the closest things there is to relive the occasion.

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Photo by David Strauss Photography via Style Me Pretty

Good photographers regularly update their equipment, which doesn't usually come cheap. Take note, however, that great equipment will ensure that the photographs are the best versions of reality.

Needless to say, don’t just choose a photographer with state-of-the-art equipment. Find a photographer who knows your angle and respects your style. Nothing is more frustrating than a photographer who pushes for avant-garde photography when you really want romantic and vintage.  Photographers develop these skills through training and experience, so the really good ones come at a big sum for a purpose. This is one investment you will not regret.

Save: Styling

The wedding industry saw a boom in the age of social media, where brides, grooms, planners, and basically anyone who goes to weddings can share photos and videos of delectable wedding details.

It’s not hard to see why couples go out of their way to hire wedding stylists just to ensure that guests have more than enough options on what details they can post – centerpieces, photo booths, wedding aisle arrangements, etc. Remember, however, that at the end of the day, styling is only a fraction of the wedding experience.

Besides, you can still execute impeccable wedding styling without denting your wallet. For starters, simple wedding floral arrangements of flowers in season can go a long way. Use them for your centerpieces, wedding bouquet, aisle, and even the wedding cake. Check out our lineup of spring and summer flowers. We’ll release a list for autumn and winter soon!

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Photo source In Honor of Design

These leaves clipped on twine don’t cost a lot too. Read this article on creating wedding décor with twine, which you can buy as a set of 50 with tags at a friendly price.  

Splurge: Hair and Makeup; Grooming

Any photographer will tell you that the quality of the bride’s hair and makeup will register on photos. Makeup artists are armed with the right tools and techniques to bring out your most radiant self without looking theatrical or washed-out. They were trained for it.

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Photo via InStyle

Kate Middleton did her own makeup on her wedding day. She picked up a few lessons from makeup artist Arabella Preston. But unless you’re a makeup artist, it’s better to entrust your look to an experienced makeup artist who can bring out your features against harsh photography lights.

Save: Wedding Gown

Ah, the wedding gown. Every bride-to-be must have dreamed about the perfect one as a little girl. Why stop yourself from spending on the dream gown now that you can finally wear it?

Here’s the thing with wedding gowns: wedding gowns made of expensive material won’t automatically look good on you in the same way affordable gowns can actually look like a million bucks. The secret? It’s in the fit.

Get to know your body type. What cut suits you best? What fabric suits your cut? Knowing these things will give you the flexibility of sourcing from designers or bridal boutiques across a wider price range, versus fixating on one style or designer.

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Photo via BHLDN

This McKenna Day long-sleeve dress can be bought at $350 but is currently discounted at $70. The cut will flatter almost any body type and just has the perfect balance of structure and flow.

You don’t need intricate beadwork or Swarovski all the time for sparkle. The right accessories will do the work, and they don’t have to be expensive too. Rent or borrow them! It’s not like you’ll use them every day.

Spend: Food and Beverage

Guests will delight in the tiny details but it’s the overall experience that will dictate the memories they carry. What they eat is a big part of it. So if you have to be careful in using your budget in the wedding planning, invest the biggest part of it in food and beverage.

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Photo by Forged in the North Photography via Bon Appetit

Guests don’t need to eat caviar pie to enjoy the wedding. Just don’t scrimp on this part and compromise the quality. If you’re hiring a catering service, make sure the staff is well-trained for events. Food shortage and bad service make guests grumpy. And oh, refreshments like the ones above are always a good idea. They’ll keep guests happy while you do your photo-ops.

Save: Wedding Cake

While a delicious wedding cake is highly appreciated, it’s usually just the newlyweds who partake and that’s simply because of the wedding cake-cutting ceremony.

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Photo via Ella Celebration

Spend extra on your guests’ desserts and keep your wedding cake simple. Just add a sparkly wedding topper for a lovely accent.

Decisions, Decisions

Saving doesn’t automatically equate to scrimping. Working on a budget doesn’t mean penny-pinching on all parts of your wedding. You just have to spend on things that are worth it and find ways to save on the ones that allow more flexibility. If you master that, wedding planning won’t be a headache.