2 Easy Wedding DIY Ideas with Twine

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2 Easy Wedding DIY Ideas with Twine

Wedding DIY projects make the journey to the big day more memorable because you’re literally creating your wedding with your own hands. You don’t need to be an art major to make something beautiful on your wedding, and even a novice can get by with the two DIY projects below which make use of this seemingly plain-looking tag and twine set of 50.


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Photo source Ella Celebration


Twine makes a great base for a lot of pretty wedding DIY projects. You might need to buy extra twine for these ideas though, but it’s not a big problem since this kind of twine is available in most craft stores. It’ll be worth spending a few extra dollars for these two creations!


Twine and Pearls

Pearls elevate twine to a more elegant status. While it’s shown here as jewelry, it can be more than just that. You can tie the loose end to the hole of the paper tag to add extra pizzazz to your souvenirs or your place cards. If it’s a destination wedding, you can attach the twine-and-pearl strings to your guests’ room keys. Pearls make versatile embellishments and pair well with the neutral twine.


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Photo source The Crafty Blog Stalker

The Crafty Blog Stalkers shares directions on how to make this twine and pearl bracelet. As you can see, she adds clear beads to give more dimension to the bracelet.

Here, she layers the twine to make the bracelet chunkier, but if you’re going to attach it to the tag for décor, you don’t need to pile on too much twine. You can proceed with knotting to lock the beads in place.

Because the twine is neutral, you can make it work with almost any color combination. Play around with the sizes of the pearls too. In fact, don’t limit yourself with pearls. Use other beads that fit the theme of your wedding.  

Check out the tutorial here.


Twine Centerpiece and Backdrop

The trusty twine can also be used as a centerpiece. Cut-outs from musical sheets were strewn together with twine for the centerpiece of a music-inspired wedding. You can use the tags with your chosen design or ramblings instead.

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 Photo source Ruffled

You can also use the tag and twine set as escort cards. Hang the tags with clothespin on the wall or in this case, against a wooden frame for a rustic wedding. Feel free to embellish with other effects that conform to the style of your wedding.

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Photo source Wilkie

Get into the greenery trend this year with faux leaves hanging vertically as your backdrop. They used artificial leaves here but perhaps you can make arrangements with your florist or stylist to use fresh picks on the day of your wedding.

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Photo source In Honor of Design


You get maximum results with minimum effort from these projects. The materials aren’t expensive and they’re not complicated to make!

Just plan these projects ahead of time, especially if you’re going to host a big wedding. Take note, no matter how easy or difficult they are to make, wedding DIY projects still require time and planning!