Making the Most Out of Any Wedding Budget

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Making the Most Out of Any Wedding Budget

The wedding budget has never been so inflated than it is today but that’s only because a lot of couples have succumbed to the boxed-in wedding standards they see on media. Thankfully, even the simplest wedding planning tips can help you save a lot of money.

Choose a Venue with Character

Take a look at this wedding budget pie chart.

wedding budget

Photo via The Wedding Scoop

Food and venue take up the biggest slice of the pie, followed by flowers and décor, outfits, and photography. If you choose a wedding venue with its own character, you hardly have to spend on décor anymore.

Public parks are naturally picturesque. If you let Mother Nature be your stylist, you only need to add minimal touches to personalize your environment!

wedding budget

Photo by Ashley Cook Photo via Oregon Bride

Who needs to shell out money for a backdrop when you can get married overlooking the placid Crater Lake? According to the coordinator, they only hung a garland across the railing for the ceremony décor. However, even if it weren’t there, the ceremony would still be just as picturesque.

 wedding budget

Photo by LoveLife Images

Ilana and Raphael got married in the Baltimore Museum of Industry (BMI). They didn’t need to decorate so much because as historical details already gave them a whimsical setting.


Use Fresh Flowers in Season

You can save money by using flowers in season for your bouquet and décor. Not only will you save on the cost, you can also ensure the availability of these flowers.

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Photo via Something Turquoise

The velvety coxcomb blooms from summer to fall and comes in a range of vibrant colors – green, pink, yellow, orange, and crimson. The orange coxcomb truly captures the fall vibe when propped against the other shades of orange and purple. The spiky wheat complements the curve of the coxcomb.

Sit down with your florist and ask what flowers will be available at the time of your wedding. If you want to do your own research, you can start by reading this article for spring flowers. Lists for summer, fall, and winter will be available soon!

Decorate Cake with Fresh Flowers

Wedding cakes are more ornamental than gastronomic (although it can be both), so think of the cake as an extension of wedding styling. Use flowers for the décor on a simple cake to make it look like a million bucks. Just make sure that the blooms aren’t poisonous and are properly washed.

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Photo via The Knot

This white cake is mostly plain, except for the bead piping and asymmetrical fresh flower detail. The result is understated elegance.

Repurpose Wine Bottles

Repurposed wine bottles only need a minimal makeover to create maximum impact.

wedding budget

Photo via My Wedding

Spray metallic paint on empty wine bottles for added glitz. In the photo, the stylist took it a step further by coating one bottle with glitter. Gold is a luxurious color but the different shades and texture draw greater attention to the table.

Work on the Other Details

People notice little details you would never think they’ll notice. And if something catches their eye, they’ll associate it with the event for a long time, whether positive or negative. Use little details normally taken for granted to create a classy wedding.

 wedding budget

Photo via Ecstasy Coffee

A few sprigs plus twine elevate the plain white napkin into a work of art.

wedding budget

Photo via Ella Celebration

Luxury is felt in the small details, like your cutlery. This cake and knife set – with etched patterns and scalloped handles – makes for a beautiful heirloom piece even after the wedding.

Work Your Way Around the Wedding Budget

You can maximize your wedding budget without compromising the ambiance and quality, starting with the clear allocation of your resources. If you go back to the wedding budget pie chart in the first part of the article, you’ll save a lot of money if you’re able to cut down expenses on the venue because it consists of 45% of the budget. If you save on the flowers, you’ll bring down 10% of your wedding budget. Work with this plan in mind. You’ll be pleased with the results.