5 Spring Flowers for Your Wedding Bouquet

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5 Spring Flowers for Your Wedding Bouquet

Spring, the sweet spring, is the year’s pleasant king,
Then blooms each thing, then maids dance in ring,
Cold doth not sting, the pretty birds do sing:
——– Cuckoo, jug-jug, pu-wee, to-witta-woo!

                                          Excerpt from Spring, Thomas Nashe (1567 – 1601)

Wedding trends come and go, but spring weddings never go out of style. Spring stirs up a renewed sense of hope. The first sign of spring is a reassuring reminder of winter’s dreary days slowly melting away.

Nature comes back to life in spring. What better way to celebrate a new season and a new chapter of a union than to showcase spring’s best blooms? Go ahead and indulge in spring wedding flower ideas below.


Peonies are voluminous flowers that bloom in North America and colder parts of South America, Asia, and Australia. They come in white, yellow, peach, coral, burgundy, and shades of pink. These blooms, available from early spring to summer, emit a soft fragrance that’s easy on the nose.

Since peonies are fluffy (diameter is as wide as 6 inches), you don’t need a lot for your bouquet. You could consider peonies as the pearl of spring flowers - classic and effortless to style. 

The romantic combination of white and peach peonies framed with just the right amount of green compliments the bride’s lip color in this photo.

spring wedding flowers

Photo: Vasia Photography via Style Me Pretty

Brides with bolder hue preferences will find their match in darker shades of peonies. The scattered hints of white soften the bouquet.

spring wedding flowers

Photo: Botanical Art


The hyacinth is commonly cultivated for garden beds, planted in autumn just in time for it to bloom in spring. It looks resplendent when planted in rows and in many colors – white, yellow, peach, orange, pink, purple, lavender, blue, and red. The hyacinth, which blooms in clusters, has a distinct fragrance.  Its flowers look like grapes or starfish, depending on the variety.

Kate Middleton’s royal bouquet was a combination of different white flowers, each carrying a meaningful symbolism. Lily-of-the-valley represents return of happiness, Sweet William is for gallantry, and hyacinth for constancy of love. Myrtle and ivy are traditional flowers that represent love and marriage. Her simple, all-white bouquet provides a subtle final touch to her lacy wedding gown.

spring wedding flowers hyacinth

Photo: Hello Magazine

Purple hyacinth with blackberries is the perfect combination for bohemian brides. This bouquet is proof that you don’t need too many varieties in a bouquet to make it stand out.

spring wedding flowers hyacinth

Photo: Magnolia Rouge


There are many types of magnolia flowers but the ones that stand out in weddings are the big, white varieties. They usually come in white and pink, and since the blooms are big enough, you'll be able to get away with just one to three. It’s the best flower for minimalist brides who want none of the fuss and all the attention. The magnolia, on its own, commands awe. Excessive trimmings would do injustice to its magnificence.

This bride made the perfect choice of accenting her simple, clean gown with a huge magnolia, framed only by sprays of leaves and unopened blooms.

spring wedding flowers magnolia 1

Photo: Leandri Kers Photography via The Pretty Blog

This bouquet’s highlights are the white magnolia and cotton, accented by a single burgundy bloom with sienna leaves in fresh green and dried varieties. A truly bold choice that complements the bride’s red locks.

Spring Wedding Flowers Magnolia 2

Photo Tina Chiou via Ruffled


If there’s one flower variety that screams “spring”, it’s the tulip. Since it comes in many sub-varieties and shades, it would be a shame not to take advantage of its versatility.

A soft, pink tulip bouquet brings out the deep, regal blue of this gown.

spring wedding flowers tulip 1

Photo: Emily Dawn Photography via Style Me Pretty

The purple tulips in this mixed bouquet breaks the delicate hues of the roses and ranunculus.

spring wedding flowers tulip 2

Photo: Megan Robinson Photography via Brides


Daisies are wildly popular spring flowers, and for a good reason. They pair well with many other flowers and they come in a lot of colors that work well with almost any wedding theme.

White Gerbera daisies are paired with cool blue succulents and lavenders. This bouquet scores high in the whimsy department.

spring wedding flowers daisies 1

Photo: Blue Hills Photo via Aisle Society

This cheery bouquet of sunflowers and orange daisies is teeming with life. The pop of periwinkle brings out the warmth of the sunny colors.

spring wedding flowers daisies 2

Photo: Everafterguide