The Best Food Ideas for Senior Citizens

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The Best Food Ideas for Senior Citizens

In the previous post about the common mistakes of party hosts, not accounting for diet restrictions tops the list.

Seniors’ diet needs are more delicate than the rest, especially if they have a chronic illness. They must enjoy their sunset years but at the same time, they need to watch out for what they eat. Here are some healthy dishes that you can serve that are not at all bland or boring.


Cold cuts and sausages are hors d’ouevres staples. Don’t shy away from them but try to avoid deli meats that are saturated with sodium. Serve salmon or tuna sashimi for your dose of healthy fat and other nutrients that a senior’s heart will be thankful for.

There should be no shortage of vegetables for the seniors. Veggie crudités and hummus are no-fails to add color to your appetizer spread.

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These lasagna zucchini cups have the right balance of protein and veggies, plus they are every bit presentation-worthy. You can reduce the cheese if the diet calls for it, or replace it with appropriate alternatives. Get the recipe here.

Soup & Salad

Don’t rule out soups and salads for full-blown dinners. They’re healthy party hacks that will ensure that your guests are full of the healthy stuff and eat the main course and dessert moderately.

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Whip up your own salad dressing if you have the time. Most store-bought salads have unhealthy preservatives that you’re better off without. Make your own homemade Italian salad dressing with this recipe here.

For soups, steer clear of creamy variations and stick to clear soups and consommés. Minestrone or lentil soup is the way to go.

Main Course

For the piece de resistance, general rules of healthy eating should apply. The cooking method spells a lot of difference in your meal. Grilled and bake always trumps fried. The image below says it all. Healthy eating isn’t just about fat control, but metabolism slows down with age, right?

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Don’t deprive yourself of sinful party classics but mixing up the menu with some healthy stuff gives your guests more choices.

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Seniors are encouraged to go for lean meat, fish, and poultry for their protein needs. Foodie Crush’s oven roasted chicken with lemon rosemary garlic butter should be a celebration staple. The ingredients are accessible and it’s fairly easy to make. Substitute the butter for olive oil for a healthier alternative. Indulge in the roasted garlic too as it's great for the immune system. Get the recipe here.

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This grilled salmon with strawberry jalapeño salsa lying on a bed of cilantro makes for a refreshing and light dinner. It looks gorgeous too.


A lot of seniors struggle to control sugar intake. It’s hard to resist desserts at the end of a sumptuous meal.

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Seek the lesser evil with sugar-free cakes or pastries made with healthier sweeteners. This vegan, gluten-free layered chocolate zucchini cake with raspberries is sweetened with muscovado, a healthier alternative to refined brown sugar. Did we mention it’s made with zucchini? Get the recipe here.

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Daily Burn suggests reaching out for a cup of peach homemade Greek yogurt parfait if you’re craving for a sinful peach cobbler. Yogurt is packed with protein, calcium, and all the good bacteria that are beneficial for your gut. Get the recipe and 9 other yogurt parfait recipes here.

Eating in Moderation

All these recipes are healthy in general but don’t target a specific diet. For instance, if one of your guests is diabetic, there may be a need for that person not to eat dessert altogether.

Seniors are supposed to kick back, enjoy the present, and reminisce about the years well-lived. And there’s no better way to do it than by sharing a good meal with friends. However, as with all good things, it should be done in moderation.

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