You Do You: Our Take on the Latest Wedding Trends

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You Do You: Our Take on the Latest Wedding Trends

Wedding planning puts couples on an emotional roller-coaster ride, making them vulnerable to instantly ride on all the wedding trends plastered on Instagram and Pinterest.

There’s nothing wrong with following wedding trends per se, but here’s our take on some of them and why they’re not always for every couple.

The Naked Wedding Cake

It’s easy to see why brides-to-be swoon over naked wedding cakes. Their raw beauty fits perfectly in rustic and outdoor weddings. Because you see the cake right away, it looks more appetizing than the typical iced and fondant covered cakes. They’re usually cheaper because you don’t need to ice the cake. You can easily decorate naked wedding cakes with fresh fruits and flowers too.

wedding trends naked cake

Photo via Paul Bradford



But beware! Naked cakes come with drawbacks too. They take time to assemble in the venue on the day itself because they will not survive the transit. Naked cakes will not survive direct sunlight and the hot weather. They’re not the best option for tropical outdoors unless you want a literal meltdown. Consider your wedding logistics before you decide on a naked wedding cake.




Photo Booths 

Photo booths are fun but we’ve outgrown them already, haven’t we? They’re fun for the first minute or two, but who wants to stand in line just for a photo with cute props? Guests who are dressed to the nines will not appreciate that.

wedding trends photo booth

Photo by Carlie Statsky via Green Wedding Shoes

You’ll save more money and satisfy more guests if you put up a photo wall instead of a photo booth. Official photographers who happen to be near the photo wall area can take a few snaps but guests can also use their cameras and phones to take photos.

Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights are pretty but consider them only as another option to a menu of lighting ideas. They don’t go well with every theme. If the venue has a striking chandelier, let it be your focal point and don’t wash out its impact. Votive candles and lanterns also offer a soft, romantic touch like twinkle lights but in a more romantic and polished way.

wedding trends twinkle lights

Photo via Hi Miss Puff



For ballroom and hotel venues, take advantage of all the electrical outlets and play with different combinations of lighting – hard, soft, pin, etc. There's no need to join the twinkle lights bandwagon if it doesn’t fit your wedding mood.




Dance Entrances 

 wedding trends dance

Photo via Villa Siena

By all means, go for dance entrances if you and your partner genuinely love to dance. Dancing is a sure-fire way to hype up the crowd. However, if you’re only pressured because of the dance moves you see in other wedding videos, think of other ways to make an impressionable entrance during the wedding. Your crowd will feel the painful awkwardness if you’re forced to do a dance entrance – and it will show in your wedding video!

Exchanging Lavish Gifts Pre-Ceremony

This isn’t really a trend. It’s a tradition that has to be contextualized in the skyrocketing wedding budget nowadays.


 wedding trend gifts

Photo via A Bride on a Budget

Drop the gifts if they’re going to put a dent in your wedding budget, or choose simple but meaningful gifts - even ones you can make with your own hands at minimum cost! If you’re splurging on grand things because you’re only after the tear-jerking moments during the gift-giving, you’ll have more of the waterworks during the ceremony and the reception speeches.

Follow Your Style

At the end of the day, you should do YOU. Wedding trends are there to guide your choices but if they don’t fit your style or situation, don’t cave into them. Years from now, when you look back at your wedding photos, you want to smile at the happy memories and not cringe over trends that only enjoyed 15 minutes of fame.