3 Things a Baby Shower Should Never Be

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3 Things a Baby Shower Should Never Be

Are you planning a loved one’s baby shower?  Congratulations! They say it takes a village to raise a child, so it’s only natural to be excited about the expectant mom’s new journey and baby.

But before you drown in all the baby shower planning frenzy, understand first what a baby shower is not, to help you get into the right mindset as a baby shower planner.

1. A baby shower is NOT a lecture session for the mom.

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Expectant mother Nicky Hilton gets full support from sister Paris and mom Kathy.
Photo via Hello!

Guests will be a little excited to dish out suggestions to the expectant mother, especially if the guests are already mothers themselves and if the celebrant is a new mom-to-be, but practice restraint by all means. Even if the mother will say that she welcomes advice, be careful not to impose your own motherhood or childcare wisdom on her. She will have her own flavor to motherhood that may or may not exactly suit your taste. Every mother’s journey will depend on her own unique circumstances and the child’s own personality. Offer helpful advice but let her decide how she wants to steer the new chapter of her life.

2. A baby shower is NOT a milestone inventory.

Each individual makes their own life choices that may not be similar to the others. The expectant mother may have invited guests who are not (or not yet) mothers themselves.

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Mom-to-be Serena Williams keeping it casual with her crew.

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Since a baby shower is a time to catch up, some guests who don’t have children of their own (by choice or otherwise) might hesitate to go for fear of being judged for not having their own children. This isn’t always the case, but this does happen a lot.

The baby shower is a celebration of new life. Let it remain at that, not a reason to pry into other people’s choices.

3. A baby shower is NOT a circus.

Don’t let baby shower planning get the best of you. You’ll see a lot of visually-appetizing pegs and mood boards when you plan a baby shower. That could be overwhelming but always remember that you’re not in a party planning competition.

baby shower planning

Don’t force a DIY project for a photo wall if you don’t have the time for it. These non-floating baby letter balloons don't need helium to be filled up and may be held up by guests during photo sessions. They even come in silver and gold if you would rather stay away from the gender stereotype associated with blue and pink.

Know what you have in terms of time, energy, money, and resources on hand. Don’t force a spectacle out of a baby shower if you can’t pull it off. You’ll end up with a disastrous shower, a confused mom-to-be, and a disappointed party planner.