Throw a Smashing Wedding After-Party in 9 Ways

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Throw a Smashing Wedding After-Party in 9 Ways

The wedding after-party is not meant to upstage the wedding itself, but when guests are still high on love and joy after the reception, don’t deprive them of a good time.

Wedding after-parties are completely optional, so do not think that you’re required to throw one. The good thing? After-parties don’t have to be orchestrated like the ceremony and the reception, so you can shed off all the formal vibes! 

After-parties can be anything you want it to be. You can move out of the wedding venue and have it in your home. Everyone can change into more comfortable clothes, and there's no need to decorate excessively. You can even just order food! The possibilities are endless!

These are just some ideas on how you can kick-off your own wedding after-party.

Dress Down in Style

wedding after-party

After-parties are supposed to be a less formal get-together than the ceremony and the reception. Loosen up a bit and get into your comfortable clothes. This shirt may be less glamorous than a gown or a dress but it still screams "bride"! Plus, it’s going to be a cherished piece of clothing way after the wedding.

Before and After: In Sickness and In Health

wedding after-party

Photo via Something Turquoise

The most memorable after-parties are usually hazy memories in the morning because of a splitting hangover. Make sure your guests are prepared by making sure they are covered after a night of drinking with some Vitamin B and Advil. Won’t this make you the most thoughtful hostess ever?

Personalized After-Party Cups

wedding after-party

Photo via The Pursuit of Cocktails

Your after-party is still a part of the wedding so treat it as such. Inject some wedding elements even on the smallest details by customizing your cups! If you have time (and great penmanship or calligraphy skills) to spare, do it yourself.

Open Your Own Bottle

wedding after-party

Photo via Ella Celebration

If you’re serving beer, give the guests these stylish key bottle openers they can use to open their own bottles of beer. Store the bottles in a cooler nearby so guests can just walk up and grab the bottles on their own. Wedding after-parties, after all, are about loosening up and feeling comfortable. This setup will make them feel like they’re just at home.

Cave into those Cravings

wedding after-party

Photo via Toronto Wedding Planners

Cater to every craving and do it in the prettiest way possible. Serve chips, pretzels, and their respective dips in these cute pots in varying sizes. Make the refills available nearby but basically, let this serving style greet them as they enter the after-party venue. The drinking will just be as fun as the eating!

Foolproof Pizza

wedding after-party

Photo via  Something 2 Dance 2

Pizza is a stress-free after-party food because who doesn’t eat pizza? It’s the perfect laid back social food – before, during, and after the wedding after-party! This “I love you with every pizza my heart” signage will remind the guests why they’re having massive loads of pizza and booze.

Sing Your Heart Out!

wedding after-party

Photo by Wild About You Photography via Offbeat Bride

Reception programs are fun and memorable, but for some guests, it can be too formal or structured. Give your guests a chance to do whatever they want on the wedding after-party. An open mic or karaoke hardly ever fails!

Quiet Fun is Still Fun

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Photo via Offbeat Bride

Not all guests are up for singing and dancing. The key to planning a great wedding after-party, or the entire wedding for that matter, is to stick to who you are as a couple. If you prefer subdued fun, grab some board games and cards for your guests to play with over a few bottles of beer.

Capture Wedding After-Party Memories

wedding after-party

Photo via Esla Moda

Don’t forget to document your after-party memories. This "before-after" idea came from a bridal shower but it will be just as fun for the after-party. Everybody looks their best at weddings, so it would be interesting to see what happens after a bottle or two. Or three. Or four. Or five. You get the drift.

These are just 9 of the many ways you can throw a wedding after-party. Remember, this after-party is about you and your guests. Whatever is fun for you should be your rule of thumb!