Greenery is Forever: An Ode to the 2017 Wedding Trend

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Greenery is Forever: An Ode to the 2017 Wedding Trend

When it comes to wedding trends, sticking to the color of the year is a fail-safe technique in styling. Pantone describes this year’s color as “nature’s neutral”. 

Although this basic greenery shade lies somewhere between green and yellow, wedding stylists have taken greenery across the massive green spectrum. Greenery draws attention effortlessly because it is Mother Nature’s essential.

With leaves as its main material, greenery can be infused in almost any aspect of a wedding, and because it is abundant and accessible, this wedding trend is friendly to the pockets.

Take a look at how greenery dominated this year and the past years’ wedding scene.

Wedding Bouquet

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Photo by Melia Lucida via Style Me Pretty

Maximize your wedding bouquet’s potential by framing a few big blooms with lots of deep-hued leaves. Instead of a cascading bouquet that's dominated by flowers, use leaves instead. It’s more cost-effective that way.

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Photo via Weddingomania

Speaking of cost-effective, do not underestimate the humble fern. Bunch them together and you have a simple wedding bouquet that’s not lacking in elegance. Make it the perfect unexpected twist to the bridal ensemble.

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Photo via Wedding Ideas

Just because you choose greenery as your focal color doesn’t mean you should nix the deep hues altogether. The versatile green complements almost any other color of Mother Nature. This rich-colored bunch of flowers and berries benefit from the neutralizing leaves around it. It almost looks like they were plucked out shortly before the wedding.

Wedding Head Pieces

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Photo by Dawn Photography via Brides

If you want to get on board the flower crown craze but have a few hesitations, the greenery crown is a good compromise. The single white flower doesn’t overpower the bride’s face because the greenery provides the balance.

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Photo by Adi Nevo via Style Me Pretty

Succulents and berries on the flower girls’ heads? Why not? This luscious crown is definitely a standout. Don’t forget to trim the poking ends before you put the crowns on delicate heads.

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Photo by Alixann Loosle Photography via June Bug Weddings

It doesn’t have to be a flower crown. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t have to be with flowers at all.

This all-green headpiece is for brides who shy away from flamboyance but want a little something extra for the big day.

Wedding Table Arrangements

Next to food and venue, flowers and décor take up the next biggest chunk of the wedding budget. If you’re looking to cut down on wedding styling, greenery is the right theme for your wedding. The style inspirations below require minimal budget and materials.

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Photo via Wedding Forward

As you can see above, green and glass go well together. Make a leaf garland, put it on the center of a long table, light up some candles, and put them in glass containers. How difficult can that be? Elegant isn’t always expensive.

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Photo by Sarah Street Photography via My Wedding

Count on green to blend in even in a contemporary industrial setting. Copper, floral, and green harmonize unexpectedly in this table styling. The single leaf on the plate set doesn’t need company, aside from the standard menu.

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Photo by Mirelle Carmichael Photo via 100 Layer Cake

This generation’s wedding stylists are adventurous and bold. In table settings, the décor doesn’t just happen on the table. The hanging piece of greens and whites turns the normal long table into a stately wedding presidential table.

Aisle and Ceremony Area

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Photo by Emily Scott via Apartment 34

By now, you must have noticed how white and green go well together. The combination is inarguably immaculate and understated. You can be fun without turning comical on the wedding aisle with white balloons supported by leafy garlands around the strings. 

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Photo by Bob & Dawn Davis Photography via Bridal Guide

The arrangement above evokes a lot of Midsummer Night’s Dream vibes. Twinkling lights interspersed among the leaves bring pure magic to the plain indoor venue.

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Photo by Katie Harmsworth via Nouba

Sometimes, all you really need is one focal point for the entire venue. The metallic You + Me backdrop framed by willowy greens makes for an unforgettable wedding ceremony. The candlelit aisle and potted plants at the bottom are strong supporting elements in the big picture.

Wedding Cake

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Photo by Krista A. Jones Photography via Brides

Green and white bring the somber gray to life in this 3-tiered cake. This is a suitable cake for couples who want to experiment with greenery but still want to stick to the clean and classic lines.  

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Photo via J Wiley Photography

If the grey and green cake is a classic, this 3-tiered chocolate cake is everything that’s unexpected. The log and moss base and the touches of succulent brings fertile gardens straight to the wedding reception.

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Photo by Kerry Jeane Photography via Bajan Wed

Botanical is all the rage right now but that doesn’t mean you can let go of vintage. This wedding cake is simply a work of art. It melds leaves, florals, and vintage touches in one piece. If you can’t decide between two themes, don’t be afraid to integrate greenery with your other theme.

Here to Stay

It comes as no surprise that this year’s wedding trend has been used long before it took center stage. Greenery is a relaxing sight for sore eyes.

2017 is about to end but this wedding trend isn’t going anywhere. Nature’s neutral offers wedding stylists with endless permutations of possibilities that touch on every taste and budget requirements.