Bridal Shower Planning Essentials for the Bridesmaids

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Bridal Shower Planning Essentials for the Bridesmaids

Are you at a loss for ideas on how to organize a bridal shower? There are just too many ideas out there that it could be hard to know where to start!

Picking out your elements is really a matter of choice, but to jump-start the bridal shower planning, remember these three things:

A Theme to Remember

No matter what theme you pick for the bridal shower party, it must be in sync with the bride-to-be’s personality. The girls in her party should also be able to relate to and enjoy the theme.

bridal shower

Photo via A Day in the Life and Mind

If the bride-to-be is celebrating with her childhood friends, why not bring in Barbie into the fun? Here’s a more “adult” take on Barbie the girls will never forget.

bridal shower

Photo by Jens-Oliver Photography via Bridal Guide

Some brides-to-be are partial to certain activities so one activity can be the center of fun for the bridal shower festivities. These friends took their bride-to-be to a wine country for an intimate bridal shower.

Invitation to Set the Mood

Once you’ve talked about the time, date and venue, it’s now time to send out the invitations. Sure, you can send an SMS to the girls inviting them to the bridal shower, but why not take it a little further on the invitations? You’ll see how it can boost the enthusiasm for the recipients!

bridal shower invitation

Photo by ForewordPress via Etsy

Match the invitation to the theme. This invitation is every Audrey Hepburn fan’s dream. Even those who aren’t will swoon over this.

bridal shower invitation

Photo via The Stylish Scribe

A little play on the words will certainly pique the attention of the recipient. It doesn’t have to be long – just catchy and kitschy.

Femme Feast

You’ll want to stick to light but filling grub, unless you really intend to turn the shower into a full sit-down meal.

bridal shower food

Photo via Uproot Kitchen

 Finger food is always a safe choice. The Crostini Two Ways by Marisa of Uproot Kitchen will make your mouths water.

bridal shower food

      Photo via Nouba

These cute burger sliders are filling but won’t bring your energy down. Bite-sized food will power you through the bridal shower euphoria.

bridal shower food

Photo via Foxes Love Lemons

The vegetarians will surely appreciate these colorful veggie and dip cups. Always take note of each guest’s dietary restrictions.

 bridal shower food

Photo via Weddingomania

Make your desserts pretty so you’ll have one less stylish element to worry about. Give your guests a hard time deciding whether they want to stare at it or eat it!

Whenever someone planning a bridal shower doesn’t know where to start, lining up these three elements usually gets the ball rolling. You can brainstorm with fellow bridesmaids on the fun activities and games later on.

Remember, even the planning should be fun! Good luck!