Wedding Guest Book Ideas

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Wedding Guest Book Ideas

The wedding guest book has been a staple since time immemorial. For many couples, it’s a small element that doesn’t need much thought. As long as it collects names and signatures, who cares what it looks like when its main purpose is really just to list who came?

Since signing the guest book is the first activity your guests are required to do, it makes sense to put some thought in making a great first impression. Why not bring your guest book to life and make it a medium for telling stories?

Here are three wedding guest book ideas to help you do just that.

Idea # 1: Polaroid Shots

Not only will you know who came, but you’ll also remember how they dressed, and you can be a part of the photo too!

All you need is a Polaroid camera, a lot of film, and markers (preferably fine point for writing messages).

Create a photo booth area with the theme and props of your choice and leave the Polaroid camera in the station. Display a sign that instructs guests to take a photo with the camera and write a message for the bride and groom on the white space provided. Put up a Polaroid photo of the bride and groom and write the instructions there to get the ball rolling.

Polaroid Guest BookPolaroid Guest Book

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The Polaroid film makes this a pricey option, but guests will surely have fun with this one.

Idea #2: Advice Cards & Printables

Instead of having them sign a guestbook, your guests can fill out advice cards instead. A 4x6 advice card printable should provide sufficient space for guests to write meaningful messages or share their personal experiences with the bride and groom.

Some will scribble a hilarious anecdote or two, while other pieces will make you cry. Regardless, this guest book alternative will encourage guests to write from the heart.

Advice Cards

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Be sure to put up a sign on the table that directs guests to write a piece of advice. Maybe an advice-related guide question will help them get started.

Idea #3: Guide Question Cards & Printable

Although similar to the advice cards, guide question cards are not limited to giving advice. Guests can answer questions like “Who is more outgoing?” and “Who made the first move?” The couple will surely have fun reading and discovering how involved the guests are in their love story!

How to Execute Your Concept

Now that you have ideas for the concept, take a look at these tips on how to execute your chosen idea.

Hang them

This style works for all three ideas. You can display it as a decorative piece and it gives other guests a chance to get a glimpse of your love story. The only risk is that the Polaroids/cards might get lost.  Tell the wedding coordinator or one of the bridesmaids to keep an eye on them and collect them at the end of the reception.

Paste them in the guest book

Since materials go straight to the guest book for safekeeping, this style allows you to keep touch of tradition. This burlap and lacewedding guestbook retains a classic touch, fits any wedding theme, and is just as inviting as a storybook.

Message in a Jar

This works for the advice and guided question cards.

Mason Jar Display

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Whenever the couple needs a pick-me-up in their marriage, they can simply draw a piece and relive the memories.

More than Just Signatures

A lot of guests forget to sign wedding guest books as it can be a boring and tedious process. However, if you give them something to look forward to, they will be more than glad to let the couple know that they came to the wedding and enjoyed every minute of it.

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