5 Wedding Car Decoration Ideas

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5 Wedding Car Decoration Ideas

Make a statement when you arrive and leave your wedding, and we don’t just mean by looking good. Your mode of transportation also has to bring you in and out of the venue in style.

You don’t need an expensive Rolls Royce to make a remarkable impression. Here are five ideas that will make your entrance and exit unforgettable. Don’t forget to document them!


Bows and Ribbons
No one can ever go wrong with bows and ribbons on cars! 

There are so many materials and styles to play with. Create a bow out of tulle if you want to add a dainty touch to the car.


Car Bow
Photo Source: Style Me Pretty

These bows really make a statement, but make sure the weather report is in your favor as rain can make this adornment look like a mess. How about this waterproof 22-inch bow that attaches to the car with a magnet? It’s user-friendly, adaptable to any kind of weather, and may be recycled for other occasions too.


Car Decals or Stickers

You can easily DIY your way around wedding car decorations with decals or stickers. Stick them on to the car on the day of the wedding and remove them right after. Or why not purchase “Just Married” stickers or other generic wedding messages from wedding DIY stores and have them customized with your names and dates? If you’re computer savvy, you can design your own too. The minimalist touch doesn’t make it any less attention-grabbing than other traditional car decorations.


Car Decal

Photo Source: Something Turquoise



Balloons flying against the wind will bring your car to life, especially on a windy day. An easy styling option is to match the color/s of the balloon/s with your wedding color scheme or motif, but it doesn’t always have to be the case.

The balloons don’t even have to be suspended in the air if you don’t like it that way. Take a look at this top-down wedding car. It won’t be blown in the air against the wind, but there will still be subtle movement even if it’s directly attached to the car.

Photo Source: French Wedding Style


Floral Arrangements

Flowers are no-brainer décor on wedding cars, but you don’t have to stick to the conventional style of placing them directly on the center of the car's hood. How utterly charming is this car handle décor? Can you imagine the photographer’s shot of the bride or groom opening this dainty car door on the way to the ceremony?

Car Flowers
Photo Source: Floral Magic

Who says you need a bunch of flowers for car décor? Take inspiration from this scattered shower of daisies. This is an easy DIY project for anyone, and even those who claim to be bad at crafts! It’s cost-effective and definitely not your typical floral car decoration.

Car Flowers On Hood
Photo Source: AtteKovacs Photography


Can Trails

Rattling can trails attached to the back of the car never get old. Up the ante and don’t just let the cans make noise. Attach them to colorful bows and personalize each can.

Car Can Trail

Photo Source: Praise Wedding

Car Can Trails

Photo Source: HNAS Martin Martin

As you can see, you can resurrect even tuna tin cans for your wedding with a little flair for design.