3 Simple Tips to Survive Sweet Sixteen Party Planning

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3 Simple Tips to Survive Sweet Sixteen Party Planning

A sweet sixteen birthday is like no other. It is a dream every girl has even years before it arrives. Coming-of-age is a big thing for people who are ready to see what the world has to offer.

Let the celebrant be excited all she wants, and don’t hold back on the celebration!

Sweet sixteen parties can be casual or formal but whatever level of formality you choose, allow your sweet girl to revel in her milestone by planning something well put-together. Take note of these essential tips.

Make it Stylish

As a step towards adulthood, the party should ooze with style. The key here is “put-together.” A color-scheme or a theme really helps harmonize everything instead of just getting party supplies here and there just to come up with something that screams “Party!"

16th Birthday Theme

Photo Source: Sweet Traditions

Remember, at this stage in her life, the celebrant wants to impress her peers. You’ll never go wrong if you go with pink and pair it with a richer hue like gold or silver. The combination will highlight her transition from girl to woman. Of course, ask her what she likes and then help refine her choices

Add Some Glamour

As for the outfit, it’s quite fascinating how young girls want to look like women when most women want to look young again. As it's a sweet sixteen party, don’t deprive your young lady of glamour and glitz. Here’s aSweet Sixteen Sash and Tiara combination that will make her feel like a queen but look like a princess.

Sweet 16 Crown

Cotton Candy Mocktail

Photo Source: Mirabelle Creations

Check out this fun recipe and set-up byMirabelle Creations. Cotton candy in martini glasses will bring in the sophistication the girls are gunning for. The recipe calls for Champagne for adults, but for kids it's just as fun to use Sprite. 

Give A Little Independence

As much as you want to be in control of every detail, remember that this is a party for a young adult. She’s not a child anymore, so her choices and taste matter more now than when she was a little girl. Let her decide how many people she wants to invite (considering it's within your budget), who she wants to invite, the theme, the kind of food to be served, if she wants a program, etc. Make yourself available for tips and guidance. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that her decisions are doable.

Give her a party checklist and go through it with her. This party-planning checklist fromLife Unadorned is easy enough for a young girl to work with.

Make her feel responsible. Her Sweet Sixteen birthday will be more memorable this way.

As a coming-of-age party, try to make the sweet sixteen birthday planning a collaboration effort between you and the celebrant. After all, party-planning is an important life skill for her to learn!

 16 Birthday Confetti

Photo Source: Lace and Locks

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