Know the Rules Before Breaking Them: Designing Your Wedding Cake

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Know the Rules Before Breaking Them: Designing Your Wedding Cake

The cake is an indisputable sign that you’re in a wedding reception. Without it, it’s going to look like just any other party. Many traditions come and go, but the wedding cake isn’t one of them. Your guests are most likely expecting an eye-candy wedding cake, and as a crucial ritual in any wedding reception, a stunning wedding cake – however big or small – is a wedding staple.

Take time to put some thought into your wedding cake design since your cake will be the focal point of your wedding reception. Here are some insights on cake design elements that are usually taken for granted:


Wedding Cake
Photo Source via Polkadot Bride Cake by All Things Sweet By Carissa

Think of the cake as a part of a bigger art work, the latter being your entire reception venue. Small to medium-sized cakes are utterly charming, but all of that will go to waste if the reception is in a grand ballroom. To prevent your cake from being lost in so much space, even its size should harmonize with the entire venue.

Arrange a separate table for your cake so that other desserts don’t block it from view or take attention away from it. The size of your table also matters, so don’t make the mistake of putting a tiny cake on a huge table!


Wedding Cake
Photo Source via Polkadot Bride Cake by Simmone Logue

Now that we’ve discussed about proportion, let’s proceed to a trickier part of cake visuals – achieving balance. Balance simply means the distribution of visuals in an artwork – color, size, texture, shape, etc. You can read up all day about balance, but a simpler suggestion is to just focus your attention on symmetry.

Symmetrical balance means that visual elements are equally distributed – a look suited for formal occasions. Symmetrically balanced wedding cakes are very orderly and neat, not to mention simple and classy. You can get away with a plain, multi-tiered cake as long as you have an eye-catching topper on the center of the topmost layer. You’ll never go wrong with an even distribution of color and décor.

An asymmetrical approach to design will yield a more playful look, but this style takes trial and error before you can achieve a result that’s pleasing to the eyes. How much uneven distribution of visual elements can your eyes take? Wedding cakes spiraled with various-sized cascading flowers look very romantic and natural, but it takes a good eye to combine the right size and color of flowers. It shouldn’t stop anyone from playing around with color, size, and texture, but give your asymmetrical aspirations a little more time and thought.

Tastefully Play With Design

Wedding Cake
Photo Source via Polkadot Bride Cake by Sweet Milton Cakes

Designing your wedding cake is the perfect time to unleash a lot of creativity, but before you break the design rules, familiarize yourself with it first. There’s no single way of describing harmony in wedding cake designs but you’ll know along the way as you sample different styles. Lastly, don't forget to have fun planning your wedding cake design!