5 Ways to Get Your Dessert Bar Right

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5 Ways to Get Your Dessert Bar Right

Guests always look forward to their trip to the dessert table, so investing time and effort into your dessert bar will leave a sweet taste in their mouths. 

Desserts are a great punctuation to a fine meal, and in weddings with expertly-styled dessert tables, your guests won't be able to resist taking a photo with your layout just like in a photo booth! 

To make the dessert table count, you have to consider the quality of your desserts, the presentation, and your guests’ experience. Read along to see how you can have all three.

Ice Cream Bar

Ice cream is a fool-proof dessert for any type of wedding, whether casual or formal. Your presentation will define the tone of your ice cream bar.

An outdoor wedding will benefit from an ice cream truck or cart. Save your guests from the scorching heat by serving ice cream at a summer wedding. See how much fun the bride and groom are having in this photo from Praise Wedding?

Ice Cream Bar

Photo Source: Praise Wedding

For dressier weddings, take a cue from this setup. The stylist managed to inject a lot of class on the mountainous ice cream scoops heaped over a simple white bowl. The combination of colors works really well with the white flower arrangement.

Ice Cream Scoop

Photo Source: Weddingomania 

Don’t forget to display your toppings tastefully too!

Candies in Clear Jars

If you want to pack some color with the least effort possible, put colorful candies and sweets in clear jars.

This idea will work well with the ice cream bar, as shown here in Jessa Dugar and Ben Seewald’s wedding reception.

Candies in a Jar

Photo Source: Great Ideas.People.com

These multi-colored sweets can go beyond the ice cream bar too. Put several candy-filled jars on each table instead of the traditional flower arrangement. Guests can just grab a piece or two if they’re too stuffed to have a full-serving of dessert. 

Check out an assortment of clear jars in different shapes and sizes here.

Donut Bar

Recently, donuts have been very popular in dessert bars instead of the traditional cake and we can totally see why. Donuts are economical and guests can have better control of their serving portions.

You can arrange them on a peg board like this one here for an Instagram-worthy dessert section.

Donut Wall

Photo Source: Hello Giggles

The simplicity of donuts should stimulate a lot of creativity on your part. Donuts with brightly-colored frosting and sprinkles don’t really need much dressing up, but even classic sugar glazed donuts are a perfect canvas to work with.

Donut Bar

Photo Credit: Enderes Photography | Photo Source: Wedding Wire

Layers and Levels

Build up your dessert table by incorporating different layers to accommodate more dessert quantities and varieties. A flawless execution of layering is also a treat to the eyes. Even simple seasonal fruits can look lavish if styled in different levels like this one.

Fruit Table

Photo Source: Wedding Philippines

These multi-tiered cupcake stands will come in handy if you plan on serving bars, cookies, bonbons, or little cups of panna cotta – almost anything goes with this one! Multi-level layering is a quick and simple way to add grandiosity to a dessert table.

To-go Bags

A lot of your guests will appreciate it if you have a to-go bag so they could have something to munch on while on their way home or eat the next day. These to-go bags can double as favors too, and they are made in a variety of pretty colors and patterns. Click here to see more bag designs.

Treat Bags

Photo Source: Sheryl ofSherbakes

No matter what you decide to do for your dessert bar, don't forget to have fun with it!