How to Pull-Off a Waste-Free Baby Shower

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How to Pull-Off a Waste-Free Baby Shower

Nowadays, sustainability is a buzzword applied to many aspects of life – even in baby showers.

The main goal of a sustainable, waste-free baby shower is to use materials that may be reused. Here are some tips to help get you started!

Diaper Cake

The diaper cake is a heaven-sent trend for moms-to-be because every element is useful – the tiers of diapers, towels, stuffed toys, rattles, etc. Nothing goes to waste! You can keep your desserts simple and use the diaper cakes as an alternative to the typical decorated tiered cakes.

Making diaper cakes is a pretty straightforward process and you can DIY them at home. But you can also buy them if you don’t have the time.

baby shower decor

Photo viaHello Bee

This adorable bee-themed diaper cake is bursting with cheerfulness. It is also appropriately adorned with Burt’s Bees baby products.

Decorated Bibs & Onesies

Babies outgrow their clothes so quickly that a bulk of a parents' budget will most likely be for infant wear. Parents-to-be will appreciate baby clothes as gifts, but go an extra mile and have the guests personalize their own gifts to the baby.

Set up a decorating station with white bibs and onesies along with fabric pens. Include a clothesline with pins or hangers where guests can showcase their creation and message.

baby shower decor

Photo via Homegrown Friends

It will be an enjoyable experience for everyone in the baby shower. Even the kids at the baby shower planned by Meredith of Homegrown Friends had a grand time decorating onesies! The baby will also get to wear memories of the baby shower.

Stuffed Toy Centerpieces

baby shower decor

Photo via Salopetop

Stuffed toys are bang-for-your-buck centerpieces. The cost will almost be the same as a standard floral centerpiece but unlike perishable flowers, the baby gets to play with the stuffed toys way after the shower.

baby shower decor

Photo via Life is a Party

Get creative and use other toys too. Who would have thought these toy trucks are useful in parties?

baby shower decor

Photo via Project Nursery

Use the baby’s future stacking blocks as additional accents to the baby shower. Just don't forget to clean the toys after the party before displaying them in the baby’s room!

Economical and Practical

Out with the frivolous décor that is useless after one occasion. The expectant mother will welcome décor that she can add to the baby’s paraphernalia when the child comes out.

Sustainability isn’t always easy to achieve but when you take a step back before going crazy over the décor, you can actually find ways to integrate attractive and reusable décor effortlessly.