7 Things Your Guests Must Know Before Your Party

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7 Things Your Guests Must Know Before Your Party

Party planning isn’t rocket science. There’s no holy grail manual to it too. All you can do is to achieve the perfect balance between your vision and your guests’ experience. That’s why it helps to put yourself in their shoes when you plan your party, whether it’s a birthday party, bridal shower, wedding, anniversary, or even just a simple get-together at home.

Here are the things you can tell your guests before your party to ensure that they enjoy the experience all throughout.

Schedule & Location

This is standard invitation information, but be as specific as you can be if it’s a destination party or if the venue is difficult to locate. A map or a list of directions will be appreciated.

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Generally, you only need to indicate the time the party will start. For formal events or occasions that involve ceremonies, provide a schedule so the guests will have an idea of things to expect at a specific time.

Accommodation & Transport

This is applicable to destination affairs or if you have guests coming to you. Your guests will surely do their own research but consider it plus points to your party planning skills if you help them out plan their logistics while they are outside their comfort zone.


Isn’t it a bummer when you arrive on time for a party but take forever to find parking? When you’re doing your ocular check at your chosen venue, don’t forget to ask about parking capacity and directions. Ask the venue’s point person for alternative parking nearby just in case more guests unexpectedly bring their own cars.

Dress Code

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Letting the guests know the appropriate clothes to wear is part of good hosting. No guest wants to stick out like a sore thumb because they wore the wrong outfit. Keep in mind that the right clothes at the right venue will make them feel comfortable. Maybe some of them won’t follow your directions, but at least you did your part.


This is a tough one. But if you really can’t accommodate plus-ones, you need to be honest with your guests early on. There is no going around this.


This is even tougher than the previous one, especially if the guests you’re looking forward to going to your party cannot make arrangements for a guardian or babysitter. If you’re having an adults-only party, inform the guests who have children way ahead of time.

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However, do understand that if your family or friends already have children, the unexpected happens. Nonetheless, just inform them in advance that you want it adults-only.

Guest List Composition

This isn’t necessary for bigger parties but guests who belong to different circles attending intimate parties is something else.

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Great party planners are sensitive to the chemistry of their guests. Let your guests in on the faces they’ll see at your party so they’ll have a conversation piece ready.

The Importance of Communication

When you invite people to the party, don’t just drop the word and expect them to show up. Give all the necessary details even if they seem unnecessary at first. Good party planning is all about covering your bases. Your guests will thank you later on.