Why Proper Dinnerware is Absolutely Essential

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Why Proper Dinnerware is Absolutely Essential

A proper table setting distinguishes an elegant host or hostess from the rest. Quality flatware will definitely step up your party planning game. It doesn’t have to create a dent on your wallet because even the most frugal souls can start with a basic set and build their way up to a bigger collection.

Just How Many Should You Get? 

Your minimum number of pieces is determined by the kind of parties you normally host and the usual volume of guests. A service of six flatware set is a good start, which will normally include 30 pieces of flatware: 5 pieces of dinner forks, 5 pieces of dinner knives, 6 pieces salad forks, 6 pieces teaspoons, and 6 pieces soup spoons.


The dessert spoon, dessert fork, seafood fork, fish knife, bread and butter knife and other flatware used for formal settings can eventually find its way to your basic set.

Don’t Forget Your Serving Flatware 

It may not be a huge deal when you hardly entertain, but any host or hostess would know how painfully inconvenient it is to get servings of soup using a standard spoon. Don’t brush aside serving utensils! You can buy them as a set or individually.


Make sure to have a ladle for your soup and sauces and standard serving spoons and forks for other dishes. A well-designed carving knife and fork will be very helpful for holiday dinners. Lastly, don’t forget a pie or cake server for your desserts, like this cake and knife server set for example.


Presentation Matters 

Admit it, presentation makes the food even more appetizing. Don’t be shy about investing in a set of quality plates. If you can’t buy them at once, slowly build up your collection.


Like the flatware, start with a set that’s acceptable to the average number of guests you entertain. A standard service set already includes dinner plates, dessert plates, and soup bowls, which is good enough for a starter set. Some sets would even come with mugs.

If you’re going for a basic set, gradually buy your collection of sauce dishes. Put serving soup bowl, shallow dish, deep dish, and serving platters on your list. Each serving dish has its own purpose, so be a great host or hostess and invest in them. Even if you would rather order food when you entertain, placing them in proper serving dishes makes a difference in entertaining.

Quality Glasses Make a Difference

Beverages taste better in ceramic and glass than plastic so by all means, invest in your drinking ware. Convention dictates hosts and hostesses to buy quality wine glasses but let’s go beyond that. Buy decent cylindrical glasses that go well with most drinks – water, juice, cocktails. 

There are different glasses for different spirits but for starters, the high-quality standard glasses will get you by. Include coffee or tea cups in your list too, preferably the ones with saucers.

The Right Tools Help in Party Planning

Earlier, it was mentioned that the right flatware and dinnerware define the elegant host or hostess. Basic tools that go with any occasion will save you the headache of replenishing paper cups, paper plates, and disposable aluminum dishes. Moreover, you can save the environment from the piling trash.

Buy your basics well and, as mentioned, gradually build your timeless collection.