Gifts Ideas For Your New Husband

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Gifts Ideas For Your New Husband

There is no hard-and-fast rule on what to get for your husband-to-be for the big day, but brides naturally want something that the husband will remember for the rest of their lives.

It can be overwhelming to select just one gift from the myriad of options available, so here are a couple of our best recommendations. Take heed of these great pointers that will lead you toward the perfect gift!

  • Suitcase for Travel
  • A high-quality suitcase will endure repeated wear-and-tear in the airport for vacations and business trips. If you're planning to travel around before settling in a permanent home, you’ll be thankful for investing in a sturdy and roomy suitcase.

    Rimowa has been manufacturing suitcases since 1898. Dubbed as the "Rolls-Royce of Suitcases", this brand of modern receptacles do not come cheap but for a very good reason. Their products can withstand bumpy surfaces and every inch of it is almost indestructible – body, wheels, handles, sidehandles, lock, etc. Just one Rimowa suitcase and you’re made for life.

    Rimowa Suitcase


    The21” Rimowa Salsa Air Carry-On is a good suitcase investment. It’s not the biggest in their collection but it will last you a lifetime for short travels.

  • Watch – A Modern Take on the Classic
  • In general, men aren’t really fussy with clothing and accessories. However, most men will splurge on a watch. One good watch for men is equivalent to a chest of accessories for women. The groom’s face will most probably light up once he opens the gift from his bride and discovers a nice watch inside. Give him a good one and he’ll wear it every day.

    A watch is a huge investment so the groom’s taste should always be the basis for your purchase. For starters, consider a watch that combines the modern with the traditional.

    Fossil Watch

    Photo Source: Fossil

    Fossil’sQ Marshal Touchscreen Smoke Stainless Steel Smartwatch perfectly fits this description. It has a built-in fitness tracker, social media, text, email, calendar alerts, and Google Maps while sporting a classic look.

  • Indulge the Husband’s Hobbies
  • You’ll flatter your husband if you pick a gift that’s useful to his hobbies as it will show how much you know him.

    Our suggestions in this category vary depending on your husband’s hobbies. The GoPro Hero5, for example, is great for husbands who are into photography, sports, and travel. It really ups the ante of travel and sports photos. Your husband will find good use for it in land, sea, and air.

    Go Pro Hero

    Photo Source: GoPro

    Plus, it’s waterproof. Can you imagine taking nice photos of your children’s first-time underwater experience in the future? You’ll surely enjoy this gift too.

  • Dress Him Up for the Wedding
  • Dress Him Up

    Photo Source Brooksmetal Jewelry viaBuzzfeed

    Brides are usually more particular about wedding mementos. However, you can get your groom to jump in the wedding fever with you by providing him with personalized cufflinks or tie which are specially made for the wedding. These items will still remain stylish and usable even after the wedding.

  • Something to look forward to in the House
  • You’ll be sharing a home with the love of your life soon, and that should be more than enough reason for him to look forward to coming home. Sometimes, however, a little extra incentive won’t hurt.


    Photo Souce:  Amazon

    Your handyman husband will appreciate thePerformance Plus Diamond Series 5-Drawer Base Cabinet. This industrial-type cabinet can handle up to 1,000 lbs, while the cushioned drawer liners will protect your husband’s DIY tools for the years to come.

    Yamaha Sound System

    Photo Source: Amazon

    Enjoy DVD night with sounds blasting from this5.1 Channel Home Theater in a Box System from Yamaha. This is a good starter sound system that delivers wide frequency response. While it doesn’t host WiFi abilities, you can still play some music via Bluetooth. It’s not a bad deal if you’re just building your home entertainment system.