3 Key Elements in a Jane Eyre-Inspired Wedding

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3 Key Elements in a Jane Eyre-Inspired Wedding

Jane Eyre is a revolutionary novel of its time, tackling themes of love, marriage, social class, and gender expectations. Charlotte Bronte definitely created an unforgettable heroine out of Jane Eyre who, despite initial hardships as a poor and orphaned child, managed to emerge as a feminist hero in a period where women were inferior in almost every aspect – intellectually, politically, economically, etc.

This literary classic has been adapted into film twice – in 1996 and 2011, with numerous film adaptations and pop culture references that many brides have also taken Jane Eyre’s romantic Victorian elements and incorporated them into their weddings.

You don’t have to mount a whole movie set to pull off a Jane Eyre-inspired wedding. Here are some creative references that you can inject in your wedding.

Romantic Wedding Gown

Mia Wasikowska definitely rocked Jane Eyre in the 2011 movie adaptation. In her wedding with Edward Rochester (played by Michael Fassbender), Mia donned an ethereal wedding dress that drew praises from Jane Eyre fans and fashionistas.

Michael Fassbender as Edward Rochester and Mia Wasikowska as Jane Eyre in the 2011-adaptation of the novel. Photo from The Enchanted Garden.

Ruth Wilson’s version in the 2006 mini-series Jane Eyre, is more streamlined and wearable in the modern day setting.

Ruth Wilson in the 2006 Jane Eyre mini-series. Photo from The Enchanted Garden

When going for a Jane Eyre-inspired wedding dress, copying the exact style mentioned might result in a dress that would look more like a costume than a wedding gown. The key is to take some Victorian elements and modernize them. Victorian gowns are romantic, feminine and characterized by a lot of lace.

American actress Jamie Chung wore two dresses in her wedding - one of which is a modern take on the Victorian style by designer Jonathan Simkhai.

Jonathan Simkhai’s sexy take on the romantic Victorian style for Jamie Chung’s big day. Photo from US Magazine.

Here is another contemporary take on the Victorian style. Notice how the lacy features and soft touch have been retained while trading the standard bridal white for soft gray instead.

Romantic soft gray bridal gown. Photo from Want that Wedding

Elegant Table Setting

The English always had a penchant for elegance, no matter what the occasion. For a Jane Eyre-inspired reception, plan a well-arranged table setting infused with fresh blooms. Get inspiration from Kate Aspen’s feature in her website For All You Celebrate.

Stick to clean plates and cutlery. White and gold are perfect for this occasion, so don’t go too crazy on colors.

Ideal table setting for a Jane Eyre-inspired wedding – simple and clean. Photo from For All You Celebrate.

Keep your plates and cutlery muted but add a bit more creativity in your centerpieces. Bring the English garden to the table and enhance it with candles, similar to this styling project from For All You Celebrate.

A day-to-night English garden table setting. Photo from For All You Celebrate

You can also pull cherished quotes from the novel and put them in frames as centerpiece.

A well-remembered line in the book should make its way to your centerpiece. Photo from Etsy

Kitschy Keepsakes

This “I’m mad for Mr. Rochester” mug will work with the ladies, but do find something else for the men.

Photo from Zazzle

Perhaps a thank-you note attached to this vintage key bottle opener will work with the men. It’s a useful reminder of a distinct wedding theme.


Photo from Ella Celebration