Bridezilla or Bridechilla?

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Bridezilla or Bridechilla?

What’s up with this bridezilla or bridechilla mumbo jumbo? It used to be just “bride” before. Wedding planning has a way of bringing out distinct personalities, but let’s delve deeper into these constructed identities and the reality of being a bride nowadays.

In Defense of the Bridezilla

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Wedding planning isn’t only stressful because of the wedding itself. The bride and her partner will turn a new page in their lives.

True, some brides go over the top in their wedding planning, but to condemn stressed out brides is to be blind from the fact that engagement and weddings are stressful, no matter how small a wedding you want to plan.

For all you know, brides who blow their top aren’t just stressed about the wedding. They may also be anxious and emotional about life after the big day. Surely it’s a happy milestone, but it’s still a big, life-changing one.

Brides who tend to obsess over the planning should be careful not to lash out at others, especially their partners.

Don’t Try Too Hard to Be Bridechilla

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What a great feat it is to stay calm and collected to be Bridechilla, but brides who want to relax shouldn’t also turn their cheek the other way when they’re overwhelmed with the task list that’s piling up. Brides must allow themselves to feel the stress so they can purge it out of their system.

Wedding planning shouldn’t dominate a bride’s day-to-day, but also remember that they won’t get married every day. Weddings don’t happen all the time. Brides should allow themselves to dream big once in a while. Some brides have dreamy visions of their wedding but are too scared to put in time and effort because of the stress. With a little planning beforehand, these visions can actually come to life.

Some Days are Better Than the Others

Planning a wedding is a milestone in itself, and just like any major endeavor, wedding planning is a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Some of those emotions are rooted not only in the wedding itself but with the prospect of a new life that comes afterward.

Society needs to stop boxing in brides. Moreover, society needs to stop putting pressure on brides to put on a grand show for their wedding. A bride can pull out all stops provided that her partner agrees with her. That should be the only constraint that she has to deal with (along with the budget, of course), but that’s still a matter for the couple to discuss.

On the other hand, a bride who decides to just walk to the courthouse with her partner on their wedding day or recite their vows in front of only an officiator doesn’t make her less of a bride.

A bride who is herself with the person she loves should be the new norm. Wedding planning comes with stressful moments too, no matter how small or big the wedding will be.

Staying level-headed through it all

Balance may only be a dream for most brides but they should still try their best to achieve it, right? Here are some tips for brides to keep it together and still remain on track in the planning:

  • Your relationship is your priority.Never forget that your relationship is the reason for the wedding to happen.
  • For the bridechilla who chills a little too much:Concentrate your energies on the planning in the early part of the game. When you’ve set up a timeline and deadlines, you know when you need to work and when to relax.
  • For brides who flare up too often. Life will throw a curveball anytime it wants, weddings included. When things get too stressful, the bridezilla needs a plan to run back to when she needs to call shots in unexpected circumstances.

The success of a wedding and the sanity of all parties involved is anchored on the planning beforehand. Wedding planning should be at its most intense at the beginning. The bride and her partner should establish their goals, preferences, and how much time and resources they’re willing to shell out. That way, changes that pop up can be dealt with based on the initial plan.

Have fun planning and be in the best disposition you can be!