How to Celebrate Your "Unbirthday" Party

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How to Celebrate Your "Unbirthday" Party

Nowadays, everyone has access to a wealth of party planning tools, thanks to the free flow of information from the Internet. In effect, expectations to conform to norms and trends are rising. Celebrations, in general, have been blown up to bigger proportions and boxed into certain standards.

In the novel (and later, movie) Alice in Wonderland, Alice finds the March Hare, Mad Hatter and the Dormouse feasting in an “Unbirthday Party”, celebrated 364 days a year except on the day of the person’s birthday.


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The concept of “unbirthday” connotes freedom from the norms. While it is okay to embrace what is trendy, the ultimate celebration is the celebration of one’s true self and happiness.

Here are three ideas on how to initiate your own unbirthday celebration.

Unplug from Digital

The digital space is a bottomless well of anything and everything. It’s a go-to birthday party planning tool.

The downside with information overload is the difficulty of processing information. Do you really want a dessert buffet in your party, or are you just pressured into setting one up because you think your guests will find it pretty?

When overwhelmed, always remember that the birthday is about you. Step away from the noise and clear your mind.

Do Something Outrageous

From wearing brightly-colored, mismatched shoes to buying a ticket randomly at the airport, this milestone is the best time for you to do something that excites you.

Ticking off items on your bucket list is a big stride towards unleashing your real self. Having dreams, even simple and seemingly shallow ones, keep the spirit alive in the day-to-day drudgery of life.

Not every birthday has to be a party. Respond to your heart’s call, as long as you don’t harm anyone along the way.

Celebrate With Other People (In Your Own Terms)

Birthday party planning doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. You just have to remember that it is your birthday. Be a happy birthday celebrator first before playing the role of impeccable host/hostess.

If you don’t think you can invite all your colleagues to your celebration, that’s fine. Taking only a carefully-selected set of friends for a simple ice cream treat at your neighborhood diner is fine too.

Photo via Brittni Mehlhoff

At the end of the day, your birthday party – no matter how big or small – will only be enjoyable and meaningful if you take it upon yourself to relax and not force yourself to live up to the idea of a picture-perfect, talk-of-the-town party.

You can check in on the latest party trends, but carefully select what suits your reality. Don’t be a slave to party planning on your birthday. Let it be your means to celebrate, instead of it being a scoreboard of expectations. Have a fabulous unbirthday party!