How to Get the Groom Involved in Your Wedding

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How to Get the Groom Involved in Your Wedding

Wedding planning is widely seen as the bride’s business, much to the delight of some grooms who embrace that reality. In reality, not all grooms want to take their hands off the planning. There are a number who are not only happy to share the responsibilities, but are also looking forward with excitement to the wedding planning.

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Grooms tend to be left out of the wedding planning, thanks to the “it’s all about the bride” mentality perpetuated by the wedding industry. Brides, especially the ones who have bridezilla tendencies, can share the excitement of planning the big day with the groom with these pointers.

Ask, Don’t Assume

Many grooms deserve more credit at wedding planning than they’re usually given. Brides are reluctant to allow themselves to be helped by their future husbands because they think the men don’t want to be bothered with the nitty-gritty that goes into wedding planning. This is a common mistake by a lot of brides-to-be.

It shouldn’t be a surprise why grooms want to be involved in the wedding planning. It is, after all, also their milestone. Brides shouldn’t immediately assume that grooms want to keep their hands off the planning. Maybe some do, but isn’t it worth asking them if they want to be involved?

Share Both the Joy and the Responsibilities 

Having established the need to ask the groom of his involvement, it is now important to determine the share of responsibilities between the two. Maybe the groom doesn’t want to  micromanage the stylist but still wants his ideas heard. Is the bride marrying a foodie? Perhaps he already has a few caterers in mind. Delegate the search for the ideal caterer to him.

The couple should learn to see the wedding planning as a happy learning experience even when the going gets tough. Wedding planning will give you a glimpse of each other’s preferences that you may not have known. The stress that comes with it will also give you additional lessons on how to deal with problems as a couple, which leads us to the next point.

Enlist Your Family & Friends

You can only have so much time in your hands. If you’re planning a big wedding, the tasks could be too big for just two people to handle. Once in a while, you’ll wish each of you had two bodies to finish the tasks in your to-do list.

If you and your groom find yourselves in this situation, don’t be afraid to tap into other people’s help. Involve both of your family and friends, who will most probably be too happy to lend a hand. Don’t burden your groom (and yourself!) with mounting wedding tasks that you cannot realistically handle.

Check in on Your Relationship 

Your relationship is the very reason a wedding is happening. Don’t forget to spend some quality time with your fiancé! Squeeze in a few dates in between the wedding planning and resist the temptation to do wedding chores on these dates.

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Share the Spotlight with Your Groom

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Shatter the notion that all attention goes to the bride. It’s your groom’s wedding too, so make sure he’s all cleaned up for your big day. Suggest booking a grooming service for him and his groomsmen – razor shaving, hairstyling, and a bit of a massage. Services included in a grooming package can be customized according to the groom’s preferences.

wedding planning groom

Hang his tux using this high-quality hanger made of durable wood to ensure that he looks dapper and sharp as he waits for you at the other end of the aisle. The photographers will surely get a kick out of photographing the wired “groom” hanger for posterity.