Digital or Print: A Low-down on Wedding Invitations

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Digital or Print: A Low-down on Wedding Invitations

It’s easier to plan weddings in today's digital age, thanks to all sorts of design and productivity tools at your fingertips. These digital tools can help you cut costs without letting go of the quality, and this convenience extends to your wedding invitations.

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A growing number of couples have warmed up to the idea of electronic invitations or e-vites, yet invitation design and printing vendors never run out of orders. Apparently, couples still do the traditional invitation route.

Print more formal than e-vite?

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Couples who opt for traditional printed invitations think it’s more formal than digital versions, and that the former conveys more importance and urgency than the latter. Perhaps, the fact that a printed invitation can be held by your own hands urges the guest to act on the invitation sooner than a digital invitation that can easily get lost in a sea of emails. Couples understandably want guests to act on the invitation as soon as they can to confirm the headcount.

E-vites can be elegant too

Technology has made it possible for digital invitations to come out as elegant as printed invitations.  There are beautiful digital invitations that can rival the printed ones. Calligraphy isn’t just limited to cardstock anymore. Moreover, they’re obviously cheaper because you don’t need to print them, which in turn makes them eco-friendly, too.

Know your demographic

Invitations serve as a vessel for important information. Though digital and print are merely modes of delivering information, you need to make sure that your recipients can handle your vessel. This is where print may be more advantageous than digital at times. Although we live in a digital world, there is still a generation that responds better to paper invitations. You have to respect the preferences of that demographic if you want them to respond.

And even among the “digital natives”, there are still those who prefer the cardstock.

Customize your options

Don’t think this is an either/or situation because you can have both. Scan your guest list and check the demographics. Go for a digital invitation but give the older ones who haven’t warmed up to technology printed copies of your wedding invitation.

Not all people use the same digital platform. Some people respond quickly to emails but others prefer social media platforms or messaging groups. If you are unsure of your guests’ preference, you can ask or simply send them the printed invitation.

At the end of the day, your choice will reflect how well you know the people in your guest list. The more aware you are of their preferences, the easier it is to be flexible and to customize.

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Some people consider invitations as keepsakes but the most important goal of a wedding invitation is to relay information. As long as you get an RSVP, consider your invitation’s purpose fulfilled regardless of the format.