4 Wedding Planning Tools Guaranteed to Minimize Stress

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4 Wedding Planning Tools Guaranteed to Minimize Stress

Wedding planning is a test of character (and relationships). Couples go through so many extremes – lack of ideas, to too many ideas, the need for guidance, and then suddenly dealing with opinions left and right, etc. Through all of these things, do the best that you can and use whatever tools you have at your disposal. Take advantage of technology.

The four wedding planning tools listed below aren’t ranked in any particular order because each serves a unique purpose. But one thing is true for all four - they will help you keep your ideas and plans together in the thick of wedding preparations.

Virtual Mood Board: Pinterest

Engaged couples normally don’t start the wedding planning with a clear picture of how they want their wedding to look like, so Pinterest is the best place to start. You’ll get a lot of inspiration from vendors and real couples alike – whether it’s for styling, food, giveaways, bridesmaids’ gowns, or seating arrangements. Anything and everything goes in Pinterest.

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However, Pinterest’s best feature could also be its weakness. It’s a big universe of ideas. If you’re not careful, you may spend too much time pinning randomly. Mindfully choose your pins, asking yourself every now and then what attracted you to the idea. Soon enough, you’ll find a common theme in the items that you pin. That mindfulness will help you determine what you really want for your wedding.

Share the Load: Google Docs

There are so many wedding planning platforms in the market but Google Docs still deserves a special mention because of its simplicity. No matter where you go, you can access your spreadsheets and notes. The ability to share is also a major plus.

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Create your guest list on Google Spreadsheets and share this among your bridesmaids, or whoever you’ll assign to take care of handling RSVPs. Anyone with access can update the RSVP, which you can just check once in a while.

Google Docs is a fuss-free tool for planning a wedding if you decide not to go for a platform exclusive for weddings.

Make Your Own Color Palette: Pantone Studio

Brides who want to create their own color palette but don’t know where to start can thank Pantone for coming up with their Pantone Studio app.

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In the early stages of the wedding planning, download this app in your mobile device and keep it handy wherever you go (available for Apple users). When you see something attractive – scenery, a store display, or whatever catches your eye – snap a photo and Pantone Studio will come up with color palettes out of that photo. You can save these palettes and choose later on which of them speak to you best.

Just Like a Wedding Planner: Riley and Grey

Riley and Grey will leave you thankful for the digital world that we live in. There are many wedding websites that you can set up for free but if you’re willing to pay extra, Riley and Grey will be worth every cent because it’s almost like having your own wedding planner.

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Aside from their classy and non-cliché themes, Riley and Grey’s customizable features will save your guests’ time. You can create guest itineraries and control visibility of some details. If your bridesmaids are due for fitting, only they can see that in their itinerary.

You can use all of these tools at the same time because they serve different purposes. Pinterest and Pantone Studio are absolutely helpful at the start of the planning. Google Docs and Riley and Grey will help you organize the details. Although the latter can be your one-stop hub for almost all your wedding details, nothing beats the classic Google SpreadSheet for monitoring your budget or your guest list. If you encounter a technical problem with one platform, at least you have a backup. Whatever you decide to use, maximize these tools and keep those bridezilla moments to a minimum.