Baby Shower Express: 3 Basic Elements to Focus On

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Baby Shower Express: 3 Basic Elements to Focus On

Baby shower styling ideas flood Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and other social media channels. It’s not impossible to replicate them, but not everyone has the time, resources, or patience to begin.

It can take several tries to get those paper flowers right, and not everyone has easy access to paint and carpentry stuff for back drops. Hiring a stylist to do those things for you may be convenient but you’ll have to shell out extra money. Don’t let those complex DIYs discourage you. Focus on only a few key elements and turn any party into a banging baby shower.

Photo Wall

There’s no need to put up an elaborate photo wall for the baby shower. Not everyone has the time to assemble wood and drill holes for that, right? Choose a bare spot in the room and pick up a few pieces of these 16-inch baby letter balloons for your photo wall. They won't deflate in the middle of the party and it's easy to inflate them yourself. It’s a simple set of props but the stand-out factor is worth more than it costs.

Baby Balloons

Photo: Ella Celebration


Themed-cakes tend to be costly, especially the intricately-detailed ones. Settle for ordinary desserts (not everyone eats cake, anyway) and make your own cake with diapers. Yes, you read that right – DIAPERS. This brilliant idea from BuzzFeed doesn't entail complicated instructions or sophisticated equipment – just a lot of diapers. Choose newborn-sized diapers so you can give them as a useful present for the expectant mom.

If you’re not comfortable exposing these diapers out in the air before the baby comes out, follow number 14 of this list. The diapers are wrapped in a layer of baby towels for extra visual interest that also doubles as a layer of protection.

Photo: BuzzFeed

Easy-going Games

If you want a full program for a huge crowd, delegate the game-planning to different people and share the load with other guests. Getting other family and friends involved will make the occasion more memorable for everyone. If it’s an intimate affair, one or two activities are enough to get the crowd into a baby shower mood.

Get empty baby bottles and place them in the center of each table. Put colorful pens and papers beside it, and a sign urging the guests to write a message for the expectant parent/s.

If you want to up the ante, do a gender reveal activity if the baby's gender hasn’t yet been revealed to the public. It’s even more exciting if both parents don’t know the gender yet. 


Keep the Party Going

If things start to get overwhelming, just remember that the baby shower is like any other party. And what are the basics of a great party? Delicious food and a fun crowd. When you have both, you can easily get the guests in a baby shower mood with the three elements above.