How to Style a Wedding with Words

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How to Style a Wedding with Words

Nothing beats the written or spoken word. It’s not necessarily superior to non-verbal communication, but it’s the common ground that binds most people. It’s no surprise wedding stylists rely on the written word to effortlessly to perk up a wedding.

See how these weddings nailed this technique, and maybe you can pull it off yourself too!

Cute Warning Signs

Solemnity is trendy once again, but that’s sadly threatened by social media and technology. We’ve seen wedding planners gently remind the guests to put away phones and gadgets during the ceremony but to no avail most of the time. How do you get the guests to put their gadgets away without nagging them?

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Photo from Deer Pearl Flowers

These sassy little girls get the job done. Who can resist little girls’ requests anyway?

An Alternative to Flower Girls

Picking flower girls in the lower-age bracket is a double-edged sword. They can be the cutest – if they choose to walk down the aisle, smile, and throw flowers according to instructions. On the other hand, if they happen to be cranky on the big day, good luck even making them walk down the aisle. Some parents/guardians end up accompanying them instead.

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Photo via Mrs2be

Delegate the flower girl duties to slightly older girls and have the smaller ones wear cute signs like these instead. They would still steal hearts even if mom or dad walks them down the aisle.

Up the Ante on Your Cake Topper

(Religious) minimalists who want a bit of glam will love this gorgeous cake topper, which has the right amount of sparkle and elegance.

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Unlike most plastic wedding cake toppers, this durable metal alloy topper can last until your silver anniversary. The sparkle doesn’t look cheap on photos because the letters are encrusted with genuine crystal rhinestones. You can adjust the height of this 4.5x4.5 topper by trimming the ends. This topper will also make a good accessory for centerpieces.

Elevate Your Banquet Spread

The guests will quickly remember their way around the buffet table with these adorable buffet labels. The dessert table sign is as sweet as the cupcakes.

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Photo by Noelle Johnson Photography via Wedding Chicks

 This witty taco station sign is perfect for casual and playful wedding receptions.

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 Photo by Sam Stroud Photography via Wedding Wire

Seating Reminder Signs

In a previous post, we talked about the pros and cons of a seating chart to help wedding planners decide on the matter.

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Photo by Lauren Kirkbride Photography via Style Me Pretty

Should you decide to forego a seating arrangement, let the guests know verbally and with this sweet reminder to sit wherever they like and to enjoy each other’s company. 

Refurbished crate for the program

The wedding program is usually the first one that makes its way to the pile of wedding trash. Save the trees and money by setting up one big program rundown a visible place in the area.

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Photo via Big DIY Ideas

This wedding program written on a refurbished crate is cute, environment-friendly, and helpful to the guests.

 Aisle Ideas

Nowadays, a ceremony area that meets minimum requirements is not enough. It has to be Instagram-worthy too! If you’re one of those people, take cues from these ceremony setup photos below.


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Photo by Stephanie Williams via Green Wedding Shoes
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Photo by Nyk+Cali via Something Turquoise

The vow background is really one for the books but if you want something simple and quick to make, break down your favorite quote or bible verse and post the lines at every point in the aisle.