15 Simple and Elegant DIY Wedding Ideas on a Budget

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15 Simple and Elegant DIY Wedding Ideas on a Budget: Have the extravagant and lavish wedding of your dreams and stay within budget. These days, weddings are trending towards unique, rustic, vintage, country, and simple – perfect for the bride on a budget.

15 Simple and Elegant DIY Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Have the extravagant and lavish wedding of your dreams and stay within budget. These days, weddings are trending towards unique, rustic, vintage, country, and simple – perfect for the bride on a budget. You can still have a beautiful wedding you’ll remember for years to come without having to break the bank. Read on to discover some simple and budget friendly ideas to turn your wedding into the one you’ve been dreaming of!

1. DIY Wedding Favors For Guests

Why spend hundreds of dollars on wedding favors when you can just as easily create your own? Wedding favors are one of those things that you want to get just right so your guests are guaranteed to take it home, but not to the point where you have to blow your budget to do so. A DIY wedding favor not only guarantees your guest will get something unique and unforgettable, it also guarantees they are walking away with something straight from your heart!

DIY doesn’t mean you have to make everything from scratch. You can also purchase one small item for each guest and write a personalized note or thank you on each one. Antique copper vintage skeleton keys from Ella Celebration are a unique and memorable gift that add a bit of something extra to your wedding tables. The keys are actually bottle openers for your guests with a blank gift tag attached for you to write your message.


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2. Aisle Wedding Décor

While you might want to spend a good portion of your budget on wedding flowers for your reception, don’t spend too much on décor for the ceremony. Keep the wedding decorations inexpensive and elegant by lining the aisles with buckets of baby’s breath or mason jars filled with a few simple flowers. After all, shouldn’t everyone be focused on the bride as she walks down the aisle?


15 Simple and Elegant DIY Wedding Ideas on a Budget


3. Do It Yourself Wedding Hair

This one might seem like a scary thought but you really can do your wedding hair yourself (or with the help of a friend). Hiring someone to do your hair for you can cost quite a bit. Instead, get one of your friends to do it for you! There are so many free updo tutorials on the internet right now that (with a little practice of course) will make it easy for anyone to copy your favorite style. Make sure you schedule a trial (or two!) before your big day with whoever you’ve chosen to do your hair. Pinterest has so many great ideas for updos, half-up dos, braids and everything in between!


15 Simple and Elegant DIY Wedding Ideas on a Budget


4. The Wedding Meal

One of the most talked about aspects of a wedding is often the food. People love a good meal, but it doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget on fancy (and expensive) entrees like salmon and steak. Like with most things at your wedding, try to keep true to who you are as a couple. Do you both love burgers and fries? Have a burger station with all sorts of toppings. More of a pasta lover? Have a pasta bar with a variety of pasta, sauces, and cheeses. A great meal doesn’t have to be expensive, it just takes some creativity!

5. The Wedding Invites

The invitation is an important aspect of your wedding – it’s the first thing your guest will see and often sets the tone for the rest of the wedding. Wedding invites can really send your budget skyrocketing, though. Instead of spending tons of money on them, try making some of your own. There are lots of wedding invite printables available on the internet and printing at your local copy/print shop will save you tons! The nice thing about it is you can really customize your invites to your taste, with colors and text that match your overall theme.


15 Simple and Elegant DIY Wedding Ideas on a Budget


6. Don’t get Married on a Saturday

Saturdays are the most popular (and therefore most expensive) day of the week to get married. Venues and vendors will often charge more on Saturday because of its popularity, especially in the summer. Try planning for a different day of the week, like Sunday or Friday to stay on budget. Venues may even offer a discount for choosing a different day. If you’re worried about your guests not being able to make it due to work commitments the next day, try choosing a day that falls before a national holiday, like July 3 or a Friday night.

7. Restaurant Wedding Reception

While it might seem like a restaurant is a more expensive choice, it can often be the cheaper alternative when you factor in room rental, caterers, dishes, and linens. At a restaurant, all you’re really paying for is your food and drink – the room, furniture, lighting, linens and dishes are already included. Renting a hall or outdoor space also means renting everything else – all of which can quickly add up!


15 Simple and Elegant DIY Wedding Ideas on a Budget


8. Limit Alcohol Choices At Your Wedding

Your guests really don’t need a beer, wine and cocktail selection that rivals your favorite watering hole. Instead, try having one signature cocktail, beer and red/white wine. Your guests will be just as satisfied with a limited selection as they would with a large variety and you'll stay on budget. 

9. DIY Wedding Flowers

It might seem like an impossible task but all it takes is some creativity and a friend/relative who is crafty. Flowers can be purchased from your local gardening center or flower department of the grocery store. If you can find one, there are often local flower wholesalers who are open to the public. Search Pinterest for DIY videos and how-tos to create the floral looks you’re after. You’ll be sure to save hundreds of dollars doing it yourself and really stretch your flower budget!

10. Take the Help When It’s Offered!

Don’t be afraid to say yes to anyone who offers their help or services in exchange for a wedding gift. There might be someone on your guest list who is an excellent baker, creative floral designer or even a decorator!

11. Why Not Try a White Dress That Isn’t a Wedding Gown?

Wedding gowns can be a huge expense, especially for something you’re only likely to wear once. So why not look for a gown that isn’t technically a wedding gown? There are many bridesmaids or even prom dresses out there that are white or off white that could easily pass for a wedding gown. Even if you have to make a few alterations, you’re sure to be spending hundreds less than you would on a traditional wedding gown.

12. Cut Back on Small Fees

Small fees like delivery charges can really add up. Ask family or friends if they can pick up the flowers, cake etc. and you could save a lot on delivery charges. Also, try asking vendors if they are willing to accept cash and eliminate the tax. Many will often reduce or eliminate the tax all together with a cash payment.

13. Simple, Elegant Wedding Centerpieces

The décor at each table doesn’t have to be large or lavish to be elegant - simple centerpieces are just as effective and beautiful, and help you stay on budget. Try getting creative with your centerpieces by using unique items like vintage vessels, mason jars or candles, you can easily create a gorgeous centerpiece yourself for a fraction of the price.


15 Simple and Elegant DIY Wedding Ideas on a Budget


14. Provide your Guests with Fun Pre-made Wedding Drinks and Snacks

Create a special signature cocktail and have it available pre-mixed in individual mason jars on ice. Make sure to have a non-alcoholic option too and label each one so your guests can easily choose. Or have small bags of candy or treats for guests (especially your younger ones) pre-made at each table.

15. Honeymoon Contributions

Instead of completing a wedding registry, have your guests help you cut down on honeymoon costs by contributing to your honeymoon fund! Set up a box on a table at your reception for guests to put cash or checks. People will like knowing they are contributing to the honeymoon of a lifetime!

The wedding of your dreams doesn’t have to come at a high price. You can just as easily create a unique and elegant wedding on a reasonable budget without having to deplete your life savings! Just remember to stick to your budget, research your vendors for the best price and use websites like Ella Celebration for affordable wedding favors and beautiful décor. Either way your wedding will be one you’ll remember for years to come – no matter how much you spend.

15 Simple and Elegant DIY Wedding Ideas on a Budget