3 DIY Wedding Favors Anyone Can Make

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3 DIY Wedding Favors Anyone Can Make

The robust wedding industry puts great value in wedding favors but not all couples and guests feel the same. There are couples who are willing to spend on favors but fear that the guests will just leave them behind, while some couples would rather spend on other things.

Wedding guests are divided on favors too. Some guests see it as a burden while others look forward to it.

Given the divided views on favors, what’s a couple to do?

Though cost-effective, some DIY favors can be time consuming. The projects below are easy to make and useful enough for guests to take home. Most of all, they’re made with a great deal of personal touch!

Scent Sachets

Scent sachets may not immediately fall under the “necessity” category, but having them in the closet prevents your clothes and other belongings from smelling musty. 

Scent sachets can easily be DIY-ed without breaking the bank. A little bit goes a long way. All you need are essential oils, dried leaves, and dried flowers of your choice. Justine Hand of Gardenista provided a recipe for a geranium-based blend. She dried the leaves herself but you can purchase pre-dried leaves in any DIY store.


Photo Source Gardenista 

Don’t limit yourself to one recipe. Use whatever is in season or whatever blend you feel is most appropriate for your wedding. These potpourri recipes from Brit + Co make use of a range of herbs and plants, from lemon to cinnamon to berries. Number 8, which Brit + Co got from The Kitchn, packs a unique punch of flora in scent packet.


Photo Source The Kitchn


If the bride, groom, or any family member or friend is a good cook, DIY seasoning will delight the guests’ taste buds. It doesn’t matter if the guest can cook or not, as seasoning doesn’t always have to be used while cooking but may also be topped on already cooked meals for extra flavor. Plus, they doesn’t expire easily. Homemade seasoning, provided it’s stored in the proper container, will withstand transport from one place to another.

Wellness Mama has a treasure trove of recipes for your project. You can sprinkle her homemade fajita  seasoning on fajita, salads, and other meals. You can buy all 6 ingredients in the grocery.


Photo Source Wellness Mama

Like the fajita seasoning, this homemade Italian seasoning is made of 6 accessible ingredients. All you have to do is put the ingredients in one jar and let the ingredients settle.


Photo Source Wellness Mama

Although seasoning doesn't take a lot of time to make, it’s best to schedule the mixing at least a month before the wedding to let the flavors blend well with each other. Don’t forget to buy the ingredients in bulk too, to save time and money. 

Etched Glasses

Elegance doesn’t always come at a steep price. All you need is an etching kit and drinking glasses, which you can buy for as low as $0.50 each.

You can etch the glasses with your initials, monogram, or even just the date towards the stem of the glass. Glasses aren’t exactly handy to carry around but your guests will appreciate extra glassware in their kitchen cupboard. Take inspiration from these goblets from Etsy.


Photo Source Etsy

For the entourage, you can take personalization a notch higher by etching figures or initials with glitter glue instead.


Photo Source Something Turquoise

Make it Thine

You’re already pouring out effort in handcrafting your own wedding favors, so you might as well go the extra mile by packaging them with your own brand.

The key to making life easy with making wedding favors is to choose packaging that requires little embellishment. A rustic burlap bag or printed canvas sheets for the scent sachets will stand out with minimal effort. Buy small mason jars in bulk for the seasoning and as for the glasses, don’t attempt to wrap them anymore. Display them on tables so guests can get one glass upon entry to the reception venue. Simply tie twine around the stem and attach a tag for the name.