Wedding Decorations from Around the World

Wedding Decorations from Around the World

As a once in a lifetime experience, every wedding should be a fantasy finally lived out. The right wedding decorations will make that fantasy come to life.

The world is filled with beautiful places, but if you can’t be in any of them in your wedding, recreate these beautiful places instead!

Just a few touches of wedding decorations will satiate your wanderlust without having to go anywhere.

Bali: Parasols

Bali is a stunning location for a wedding but if you can’t have it there, you can bring a bit of this exotic place in your wedding.

The parasols are stunning additions to the wedding arch, but you can put them up elsewhere in the venue – wedding aisle, reception tables, etc. The guests would also appreciate these beautiful parasols as souvenirs.

 Wedding Decorations

Photo via Adrian Agung

 You see white parasols here but colorful parasols work just as well. In fact, the more colorful your parasols are, the more authentic it would look. Don’t forget the tassels!

Morocco: Jewel Tones and Intricate Patterns

A look at this photo already tells you that this wedding was inspired by the Moroccan aesthetic.



 wedding decorations

Photo via Glamour

 Gold accents and geometric Moroccan patterns showcase Moroccan opulence, as shown in the lamps above. Let soft candle lights shine behind them to illuminate their intricacy. Choose small candle holders in jewel tones to enhance the Moroccan vibe.

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Photo via Wistia

These are deep and rich jewel tones to take note of when choosing colors for your Moroccan wedding. Don’t they remind you of emeralds, rubies, and sapphires? If you want a luxurious wedding without going overboard your budget, this theme is the way to go. Even the color palette alone is enough to up the ante.


The Caribbean: Tropical Leaves

The Caribbean is usually associated with tropical fruits but there is also something in its greens that radiate life and vegetation. You don’t always have to adorn a Caribbean-theme wedding with the colors of watermelon and pineapple. Minimalism with the Caribbean flair is still possible.

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Photo via Deer Pearl Flowers

In this arrangement, the stylist strategically used only a few leaves as centerpieces, but they’re big and imposing. Installed in transparent glasses and in a room where lots of sunlight can enter, there’s not much need for other decorations. The gold charger plates lend a touch of glamour but they don’t compete with the other elements.

France: Graceful Details

The French know they have an eye for style, but they also know that there’s no need to show it off. Their elegance is subtle but is evident in even the tiniest aspects.

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Photo via Kara’s Party Ideas

Layers of this macaron tower interspersed with fresh garden roses will stand out on your dessert table. You can even set these macaron towers on each table as centerpieces. They are more than pretty enough!

Don’t limit yourself to pink, though. There are many hues of macarons to mix and match with. It all depends on how adventurous you are in combining shades. Though subtle, the French are not afraid to experiment.

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Photo via Ella Celebration

If you can’t resist, there’s no way to add more French flavor than setting these Eiffel Tower place cards in the registration booth. Let the guests keep them too! They’ll be welcome ornaments in any room after the wedding.  

Don’t Overdo It

Identify only a few wedding decorations that you want to concentrate on, but obsess about transforming all elements. You can still bring a piece of the world in your wedding without turning it into a theatrical production.