Unique Ideas for Your Winter Wedding

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Unique Ideas for Your Winter Wedding

There is so much romance in the winter snow, so it’s not really a huge surprise that a lot of couples get giddy over winter weddings. Here are a few pointers that may help propel your wedding beyond snow and peppermint.

 Jewel Tones 

 Photo Source: ruffed blog

Emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, and topaz gold – these are sumptuous colors that bring out a wonderful glow in anyone, in any place, and in any occasion. To warm up your wintry wedding with a vibrant color scheme, dress up your bridesmaids in emerald green and have the groomsmen wear a tie in the same shade. The flower girls can wear sapphire blue, while the mothers of the bride and groom will look lovely in ruby red. Brighten up plain white linens with gold utensils, burgundy roses, or purple anemones.

Light Bulb Glow

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The key to pulling off a winter wedding is to find wedding supplies that bring out the nice subtle touches of the season. Use old-fashioned light bulbs to decorate a dance floor, canopy, or a backdrop instead of the traditional teardrop-sized Christmas lights. Light bulbs add a soft, magical glow to the winter gloom that will make the guests want to revel in the season instead of dreading it.

Latin American Palette

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Count on a Latin American theme to bring some color to your winter wonderland! Bright colors are normally associated with summer, but there's no hard and fast rule about picking a color palette. Besides, the festive colors will look smashing against white. If you think there’s a little too much exuberance in a bright palette of blue, red, orange, pink, and green, you can take a subtler approach by using white linens for the table contrasted with vibrant, solid-colored table napkins. You can also put up a plain backdrop with a few pieces of huge, colorful flowers against the wall.

This would be the perfect time to distribute horchata too – hot, cold, or spiked – however your guests like it! Don’t forget to distribute eye-catching ponchos during the wedding to keep the guests warm too.

Gingerbread House Christmas Village

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Replace the traditional cake for a wedding gingerbread house to elicit some wows from your guests. The gingerbread house will add a casual and fun touch to the famous reception ritual, and you can even chip the cookie from the gingerbread house instead of the usual cake-cutting. Setup a whole gingerbread village if you’re willing to go an extra mile so the guests can get a bite too. The wedding gingerbread village setup gives you more freedom for decorating but don’t count out the cake topper just yet. Inject a little whimsy with a twinkly topper amidst your edible village, like a billboard in a small town.  

Burberry Scarves for the Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

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Scarves in a wedding are an all-too familiar element in cold weather weddings. The distinct Burberry print will give your entourage a preppy flair. It’s cute to see the bridesmaids all wrapped up in their scarves. For the photos, each bridesmaid can wrap their scarves around their necks and shoulders differently. The same rule applies to the groomsmen too.