Seven Wedding Favors Guests Will Actually Want to Take Home

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Seven Wedding Favors Guests Will Actually Want to Take Home

How heartbreaking is it for the married couple to see their wedding favors left behind, or worse, in the trash? When it comes to wedding favors, it’s really important to consider your guests’ preferences first instead of blindly picking out items. Are your guests wine drinkers? Do they love household items? Would they like a potted plant?

Remember, you don’t need to bend over backwards to find a hit wedding favor because you won't be able to please all of your guests. Though it may be difficult to find something everyone will appreciate, don't worry! Take a look at these seven favors that will surely get two thumbs up from your guests.

1. Cheese Board

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Cheese boards are fun and versatile. There are many styles available and you can have them customized with a design or message. Don't want to buy them for all your guests? These would also make great gifts for your bridesmaids! Check out these fun heart shaped cheese boards here.

2. Bottle Openers

Every Swiss Army Knife is equipped with a bottle opener. Doesn’t that mean something? Your wedding will be the topic of your guests’ conversations weeks after the event with these chic and stylish key bottle openers. They’re big enough to get noticed but small enough to be stashed in pockets and purses. They also fit any wedding theme – classic, vintage, rustic, etc. Check out some of these beautifully designed key bottle openers

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3. Customized Candies and Chocolates

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There are many companies that offer customization of their products for special events. Check out the M&M’s website for ideas to get you started. Not everyone is a self-declared sweet tooth but we all need a little bit of sugar once in awhile. There are also several ways to dress them up, if needed. You can put them in cute mesh bags, boxes, or tin cans, for example.

4. Local Delicacies or Preserves

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Since destination weddings are all too common nowadays, make yours stand out by giving away something local to the area. Talk to a local supplier about buying in bulk and in return they might help you out with personalized packaging that fits the occasion.

5. Hand Sanitizers

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We all grew up being reminded to wash our hands before meals, but believe it or not, some adults actually still forget! Do your guests a favor and offer them a small bottle of hand sanitizer before the reception begins. For a nice touch, make the packaging fit your wedding.

6. Custom Flash Drive

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No one can get by without a flash drive in this digital age, no matter how small the storage. Design a personalized digital Thank You card card in JPEG or PDF format and save it in the flash drive for your guests. They will thank you for it! 

7. Donuts!

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We saved the best for last! Donut walls are all the rage this year in wedding styling and it’s highly likely that they will stay on trend because who doesn't love a good donut?

All you need is a pegboard, a variety of donuts, lots of creativity, and voila – you have yourself a photo wall and giveaway table. Keep your donut variants diverse– the children will want donuts with colorful frosting while the minimalists will look for the simple, sugar-glazed ones. You can even provide gluten-free or sugar-free donuts for guests who have dietary restrictions. 

We can almost guarantee that having a donut wall at your wedding will not only please your guests, but will also leave a lasting impression!

We hope you enjoyed these ideas for wonderful wedding favors that your guests will actually want to take home! Click here to check out our beautiful collection of vintage key bottle openers. Or click the link below if you'd like to see get a few of our key bottle openers for FREE!

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