How to Deal with Difficult Guests Without Ruining Your Party

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How to Deal with Difficult Guests Without Ruining Your Party

No one plans for problem guests when organizing a party, but things don’t always go as planned.

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There’s no clear-cut method of dealing with guest problems. Problems like these are just as unique as your guests’ personalities, but they will most probably fall under these general categories.

Party Crasher

As much as an uninvited guest hits a nerve, don’t create a scene or show your disapproval. Simply make your way to the kitchen and bring out more food. Start with your appetizers. This is why you add 10% more to your groceries and party supplies whenever you host a party.

If there isn’t enough food, call up a delivery service. In the case of an uninvited guest, you can only just do your best. You don’t have to bend over backwards.

The Latecomer

Like the suggestion above, don’t blow your top in your own party. Call the last guest and ask for an estimated time of arrival. In the meantime, keep the other guests happy with appetizers, refreshments, and good music.

If that guest’s time of arrival will take longer than expected, set aside some food for the late guest and proceed with the main meal. Just warm the food when the late guest arrives.

The Socially Awkward

Put your socially awkward guest in the most neutral crowd in the party as you go around entertaining other guests. But before you go, start the conversation to establish a link between the lone guest and the crowd. Check up on that guest every few minutes or so. You may need to move the guest around if s/he doesn’t mix well with that group.

In the future, take a more circumspect approach in building your guest list to prevent or minimize problems like this from cropping up. If you think your guest won’t mesh well with the others, limit their invitations to gatherings with guests they’ll be more comfortable with.

Tipsy/Drunk Guest

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Tempting as it is to lash out on a drunk guest, this is actually the most important time to maintain composure and grace. When the drunk guest starts acting up, offer something, like coffee, water, or any non-alcoholic beverage. Get them something to eat too, if they’re hungry. Take them to another room if they get into an altercation with another guest. Allow your guest to stay the night if possible or have someone accompany them home. Anything unfortunate that results out of that guest’s drunkenness can be resolved the next day, so don’t confront those problems yet.

Squabbling Guests

A drama or fight is an unwelcome guest at the party. If guests get into a heated conversation, it is your job as the host to bring the conversation back to more amicable terms. Change the subject subtly at first. If it doesn’t work, break up the fight and separate the fighting guests for a while until they calm down.  

Don’t Lose Your Cool

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The host of the party dictates the mood. Therefore, whatever happens, you must keep it together even when your guests bring you problems. Handle them with grace and don’t let sticky guest situations ruin the whole party.