5 Unforgettable Gender Reveal Ideas

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5 Unforgettable Gender Reveal Ideas

We’ve all heard of baby showers, but gender reveals have been gaining traction in the baby industry too. Although optional, it adds a layer of excitement to baby showers. You can hold them separately or together! Here are ideas from real-life expectant parents on how they found out about their baby’s gender.

Firefighter Gender Reveal

          Firefighter Justin Tubbs was lucky enough to have colleagues to help out in the gender reveal of his first baby with this wife, Erica. Right after their scheduled training that day, the expectant parents held a running firehouse and waited for the pink or blue water to come out.

gender reveal

Photo via Inside Edition

          The whole event couldn’t have been possible without the help of Tubbs’ buddies at work, who were just as excited as the couple to find out the baby’s gender. Colleagues can be family too. Watch the video to see the whole thing. 

Hilary Duff’s Gender Poppers

          A few months ago, actress Hilary Duff rounded up her family and friends to announce the gender of her second baby, her first with boyfriend Matthew Koma. Duff didn’t know the gender of the baby herself, so she was in for a treat when she twisted the poppers with the whole gang, her son Luca included. Poppers are great gender reveal props, just make sure all users know how to twist it properly.

gender reveal

Photo via Hilary Duff’s Instagram

If you watch the video, you’ll feel the genuine elation watching her jump up and down. 

Alligator Gender Reveal

Mike Kliebert and Rebecca Miller are both alligator handlers so it’s no surprise that unlike the rest of the world, this couple can comfortably incorporate one of the world’s most dangerous creatures in their gender reveal.

gender reveal

Photo via YouTube

With a handful of loved ones and Miller around, Kliebert expertly held the alligator and fed it hollow watermelon with colored Jello inside, indicating the gender of the baby. In no way are we suggesting you use a dangerous animal to pull off a gender reveal (unless you are an expert like Kliebert and Miller) but thinking out of the box and using whatever resources you have pays off.  Watch the whole video to find out how they pulled it off. 

Baseball Gender Reveal

Country crooner Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany said in the gender reveal video they posted on Instagram that the reveal was for their two daughters, who had no idea about their sibling’s gender.

gender reveal

Photo via Jason Aldean’s Instagram

The two girls were given baseball bats, which they swung when their parents threw balls. Allow your children to be part of the gender reveal excitement. It makes everything more meaningful. Watch the whole video to watch the behind-the-scenes.

Kate Hudson’s Balloon Pop Reveal

          To reveal her first baby’s gender with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, Hudson chose a simple but meaningful balloon pop with Fujikawa and her sons.

gender reveal

Photo via YouTube

          In her Instagram post, Hudson revealed that she went off social media for a while because she felt sick. What a comeback she made. Watch the video to see the gender of the latest addition to her brood.

gender reveal

You can easily pull off a Kate Hudson with our gender reveal balloons. The high-quality opaque balloon already includes a packet of blue or pink confetti. All you have to stuff, set-up, and pop!


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