Wedding Gift Guide: 5 Possible Options

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Wedding Gift Guide: 5 Possible Options

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Most guests go through the struggle of choosing the ideal wedding gift for the newlyweds. But guess what? Some couples also have trouble choosing what they want from their guests. This is a list of options for couples who don’t know where to start on the wedding gifts.

Wedding Registry

Signing up for a wedding registry takes the guesswork out of your guest’s shopping trips. It’ll also reduce the likelihood of getting multiple quantities of the same thing. What will you do with five coffee makers? If you have big items on your registry, guests can have them shipped directly to your home so they don’t have to bring it to the wedding – and you don’t have to worry about bringing it home. Talk about win-win for everyone.

Don’t expect all guests to buy from your wedding registry though, as some of them may still prefer the element of surprise in gift giving. There are also some guests with traditional gift giving views who don’t want the recipient to find out how much they spent on the gift.

Select the best wedding registry site that has most, if not all of the items on your wish list. Make sure you give the right link or URL to the website.

  • Try to choose items from different price ranges to give your guests more options. Be sensitive to what your guests can afford.
  • Make the website and the arrangements as accessible and convenient as possible.
  • Give out subtle reminders about your wedding registry, perhaps through your online wedding countdown.

Cash Wedding Gifts

We live in the contemporary times now, where practicality is the name of the game. Cash gifts are no-brainers presents for newlyweds, especially if the couple has been living together for quite some time already. What else will they need if they’ve already set up their home?

Some people are still uncomfortable with giving cash as wedding gifts. But let’s make it all clear – Chinese, Jewish, and Italian cultures find cash gifts perfectly acceptable.

Cash giving for weddings has gained traction over the years so don’t be shy if you and your partner prefer cash as wedding gifts.

  • Word it nicely. Don’t impose an amount!
  • Give out bank details and allow different payment options if possible.
  • Assign a trusted bridesmaid to handle cash gifts to be given on the wedding day itself.

Honeymoon Fund

Somewhat similar to cash gifts but here, guests know what they’re gonna pay for – your honeymoon!

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Putting up a dream wedding is costly nowadays, so you’ll want to recover from the stress and the money spent. A relaxing honeymoon is the solution to the first  but may not exactly be the answer to the second. With honeymoon funds as wedding gift, you can go on a well-deserved break without worrying about money!

Honeyfund is one of the more popular honeymoon registry platforms online. You can create a registry and select from tour and accommodations for exclusive discounts and offers. Guests can even select specific activities to fund during your honeymoon. It’s like they’re planning for your honeymoon too! Honeyfund comes with an app for easy monitoring.

  • Explore different platforms and packages. Honeyfund is a great one, but maybe you’ll find others that suit your taste too.
  • Give clear instructions to your guests on how the platform works.
  • Send a photo of yourself enjoying the activities and send to your guests to show your appreciation.

Donations for a cause

If you don’t know what to ask from your guests because you’ve already got the wedding and married life matters settled, maybe it’s time to give back to others who aren’t in the same situation.

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The practice of asking for donations for social causes in lieu of wedding gifts has become increasingly popular. Be prepared for other guests who won’t donate and still bring gifts. However, guests who share your cause will only be too glad to help.

  • Research on the charity of your cause so you can explain to your guests the mission and vision, projects, and impact.
  • Don’t demand a specific amount from your guests.
  • Give clear instructions on how to donate.

Help for wedding preparations

Supportive family and friends may be willing to help you with your wedding. If you don’t want gifts, you can ask them to help in the wedding preparations instead.

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  • Only approach those you can trust to deliver.
  • Be specific with what you want them to help you with.
  • Your loved ones are giving time and resources to make your wedding happen. Show appreciation every step of the way.

Don’t Insist!

There are five different gifts you can ask for but it’s your guests who will decide in the end what to get you. Don’t expect all of them to get you what you want and don’t insist.

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Lastly, don’t forget to say thank you to your guests not just for their gifts but also for their time. Have them sign their names in a guest book so you don’t leave out a name when you write the thank you cards.