Wedding Cake Toppers that Will Steal the Show

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Wedding Cake Toppers that Will Steal the Show

No one should ever have to overthink wedding topper ideas. It’s merely a small part of the wedding but the devil is in the details, right?

We’ve picked out 5 ideas for you to make your life a bit easier.

Fresh Flowers

Real flowers add (literal) freshness to the wedding setting. Since you can get a few blooms from your existing flower arrangement, you don’t need to spend extra just to buy them separately.

wedding cake topper

Photo by Leila Brewster Photography via Brides

This clean, white three-tiered cake by d’Elissious Cake Studio looks like an extension of Lauryl Lane’s rich, rust-colored floral backdrop. 

wedding cake toppers

Photo by Dianne McGregor Photography via My Wedding

Bare is absolutely beautiful. Tap into this year’s most wanted minimalist theme by adorning your plain cake only with greenery. Décor doesn’t always have to be on top.

If you’re decorating the cake on your own, be sure to wash the flowers, leaves, twigs or any plant you want to attach to the cake.

Fondant or Gum Paste Flowers

Not all couples are comfortable with fresh flowers on the cake. If you’re one of them but you still want to achieve a natural look for your cake, opt for fondant or gum paste wedding flower toppers.

wedding cake toppers

Photo via Wedding Forward

Artificial edible flowers are also a good idea if mother nature doesn’t have the color palette of your dreams. Here, the oversized roses on top of this two-layer shiny champagne cake have a certain crispness needed for this timeless, classic concept. 

wedding cake toppers

Photo via Wilton

Be inspired by this elegant Wilton gum paste succulent topper, which draws a lot of attention effortlessly. Unassuming one-layer cakes could benefit from succulent-inspired toppers because they hold a lot of texture.

Couple Figurines

Figurines are very common toppers so give your cake a little edge with toppers that reveal your personalities.

wedding cake toppers

Photo via Etsy

This hilarious topper will give your guests a glimpse of the husband’s life if he spends way too much time on his game console.

wedding cake toppers

Photo by Christy Whitehead Photography via Weddbook

Don’t be afraid to share your common interests too. This cake topper is inspired by Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox. Every fan will surely relate, but even those who haven’t seen the movie will find this topper adorable.

Acrylic or Metal toppers

What if you want a cleaner look for your cake but don’t want it to look too bare? Acrylic or metal toppers will do the job for you.

wedding cake toppers

Photo via Ella Celebration

This “We Do” metal topper beset with crystal rhinestones looks utterly classy. With this on top, there’s no need to add other embellishments.

 wedding cake toppers

        Photo via Etsy

Kissing couple + cute French Bulldog – there’s so much character in this acrylic silhouette topper! Acrylic toppers look put-together but quirky at the same time.

Banners and Polaroids

If you would rather DIY your wedding toppers, go for banners!

wedding cake toppers

Photo via Wedding Chicks

Look how far two plain bundt cakes have come with icing drizzles, flowers, and a banner! Oh, go ahead and click the link below the photo. See how this wedding was planned in just 4 months.

wedding cake toppers

Photo by Love and Perry via June Bug Weddings

Here, you see another naked wedding cake dressed up with small flowers – and polaroid toppers! Who would have thought this idea would work? It makes the wedding even more personal and intimate.

Communicate Your Style With Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers don’t get enough attention as much as other details. But with so many ideas and options available, use your topper to express your style. Remember, the devil is in the details!