Styling Tips: Taking Neutrals to the Next Level

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Styling Tips: Taking Neutrals to the Next Level

We all know that neutrals never go out of style. Every wedding stylist has a take for neutrals, whether the theme is boho, romantic, classic, whimsical, etc. It caters to every personality and should you decide to throw any eye-catching accent last-minute, you know that neutrals will make the perfect canvas for it.

Here are several styling suggestions you can consider to avoid falling into the boring trap with neutrals.

Go Ombre

Ombre is the styling technique using different shades in one element that stand closely in the color spectrum. You’ll see ombre in many styling elements these days, even for the louder colors – from cakes to bridesmaids’ dresses. This trend is easier to pull-off with neutral shades, and it should be no surprise that stylists resort to this if they want to add more dimension and flair. With ombre, you can leave it as it is or you can add another attention-grabbing piece to finish off the look.

Add Some Texture

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Photo by Moira West Photography via Confetti Day Dreams

Take neutrals to another level by using textures to add more impact and visual weight. Use ultra-smooth materials like velvet or combine two fabrics with materials for dresses. The cake above uses two styling techniques in one piece. That’s the beauty of neutrals. You can layer the techniques, as long as you do it judiciously.

Inject Patterns

Using different patterns together is understandably intimidating, but you’ll get the mix right after trying several options. This burlap and lace favor bag, just like the cake above, got the texture and pattern right down pat. They’ll be a wedding staple for barnyard, farm, or rustic themes.

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Turn to the “Colorful Neutrals”

You will find that the range of neutral colors has expanded these days. Rose gold and old rose, for example, have given pinks and metallic a foothold in the neutral family. Yellow has champagne. Even blue and green have their own neutral renditions.

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You can tie these 12-inch rose gold, champagne, and gold latex balloons to the ceremony aisles or reception chairs. Leave them floating up in the air for a light, airy atmosphere. These can even be engagement shoot props! With colorful neutrals, options never seem to run out.

Hello, Big and Bold

A bold, statement piece will save the day when you’re running out of wedding styling options. These gold love letter balloons are 40 inches big and can be used as floating or non-floating balloons. Use them for photo booths, backdrop props, or engagement shoots.

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Finding a Best Friend in Neutrals

Although neutrals are the go-to spectrum for styling, it’s easy to take them for granted. If you don’t exert a little effort, they’ll end up looking bland and flat. With a little twist in the color, texture, pattern, or size, you’ll end up with neutral touches that are worth remembering.