Nailing Your Wedding Balloon Décor

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Nailing Your Wedding Balloon Décor

Stylists have played with wedding balloon décor as a replacement to typical floral arrangements. Still, not a lot of couples have cozied up to balloon arrangements in their wedding for \a reason: balloons are commonplace elements of children's parties, and no one wants their wedding to look like a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party. 

But that mindset is a thing of the past. Re-frame your perception of balloons with these tips below.

Explore Balloon Varieties

The standard kiddie balloon is a shiny, richly-colored, 12-inch floating round object. Thankfully, suppliers have stepped up their game. You can find balloons in different shapes, sizes, and textures nowadays. Matte finish balloons carry quiet elegance which is perfect for a wedding.

wedding balloon decor

Photo from Most Curious Wedding via The Sun

These balloons probably measure 36 inches -- thrice the size of a standard balloon you see in kiddie parties. Don’t be afraid to use oversized balloons for added drama!

wedding balloon decor

Photo via Etsy

This marble and transparent balloon combo will make eye-catching adornments in a fun but put-together wedding celebration.

 wedding balloon decor

Photo via Ella Celebration

Say it with balloons – literally. Foil letter balloons are low-maintenance and photogenic props that you can use and re-use for future affairs.

Go Beyond the Usual

For your big day, think big and beyond the traditional setup.

wedding balloon decor

You don’t need a stylist to achieve this look. Fill up any transparent stemmed container with gold coins or trinkets. Replace the balloon string with a gold ribbon, tie the table number to the middle of the bow, and tie the end of the ribbon to the stem. This décor creates maximum impact with minimum effort because of the height. Don’t forget to use an oversized balloon.

wedding balloon decor

Photo via Green Wedding Shoes

Balloons can also embellish columns in the ceremony area. For this spring garden wedding, the stylist hung a mid-length leaf garland at the floral arrangement base of each white balloon. The result is clean, immaculate, and nowhere near childish.

wedding balloon decor

Photo via Weddings By Lilly

Balloons don’t have to float all the time. This pearl balloon set brings life to the bare wall. White, pink and yellow balloons in different sizes bring romantic cheerfulness to the cocktail area. If you’re hosting a wedding brunch, this is the way to go.

Choose Your Colors Well

Your choice of colors will separate your wedding balloon décor from children’s party décor.

wedding balloon decor

Photo via Deer Pearl Flowers

Blue and pink make cute baby colors but it's the gold sneaked in that glammed up this bridal car. The gold and yellow balloons merely peek out of the huge blue, pink, and white balloons but they’re an important refreshing element in this arrangement.

wedding balloon decor

Photo by Studio EMP via Green Wedding Shoes

The stylist for this engagement shoot picked the right shades that exude the height of summer vibe. There’s a lot of whimsy in this theme but it doesn’t look childish at all.

wedding balloon decor

Photo via Studio DIY

The gold confetti at the base of these multi-hued balloon set saves it from looking juvenile. You can even do this yourself. Click the link on the photo for instructions.

Mix ‘em Up!

You’ll be surprised at how balloons can work well with other elements.

wedding balloon decor

Photo via Fantastical Weddings

This balloon arch belongs to the dream wedding of any true-blue tropical girl. The flowers and leaves soften these inflatables.

wedding balloon decor

Photo via Ruffled

The ombré balloon base at the opposite ends of this arch cascades to the top, met by tassels and flowers. Every guest will want a photo at this decadent arch.

 wedding balloon decor

Photo via DPNAK Weddings

The gold, gray, and white balloon arch provides a contemporary edge to the clean, rustic spread. The wispy twigs up there harmonize the look.

From Childish to Chic

With a discerning eye and careful selection of different colors, shapes, and sizes, wedding balloon décorcan be chic. Use your imagination and figure out how other materials fit into your balloon arrangement.

For all you know, balloons may have had a place in weddings all along. We weren’t just ready before!