How to Host an Adult & Kid-Friendly Party

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How to Host an Adult & Kid-Friendly Party

Does the perfect all-ages party exist? Not all parents are thrilled to give up their limited free time to go to children’s parties, even if they’ll do anything for their children. Antsy and bored children, on the other hand, can disrupt adult chitchats and catching-up sessions.

Seasoned hosts and hostesses would keep these tips in mind to satisfy adults and children in their parties.

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Non-Age Specific Theme

With kids and adults on your guest list, you’re going to need to make party planning as easy as you can. Working with a theme makes shopping for supplies remarkably easier.

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Sticking to a non-age specific theme will save you the headache of customizing for different age groups. If you have kids obsessing over marine life, throw a beach-themed party instead. In the candy arrangement above, you have gummies that resemble life buoys, dolphins, and crystal candies that look like sea salts. All elements of the sun, sand, and sea accounted for!

Activity Areas for Both Kids and Adults

Adults can kick back and relax while the kids are pre-occupied with engaging activities. Set up a separate area for kids where they can play and mingle. For indoor parties, perhaps you can set up an arts and crafts table. If the other parents agree with you, maybe you can let the kids play video games. Put out several toys so you don’t have to worry about mediating kiddie fights over toys.  Sharing is an important value but you won't want to deal with damage control during the entire party.

Inflatable pools are ingenious tools for outdoor parties. You can leave the kids to their own devices as they take a cool dip, as long the pool has the right depth. For the babies, you can fill up the pool with balls instead. On the other hand, the adults can use inflatable pools to store their refreshments.

Take turns among your adult guests in checking up on the little ones. If you can, call up a babysitter. The adults will naturally relax if they know that the kids are safe and entertained.

Kid-friendly Food

Children tend to be picky eaters. Serve a separate menu for the kids – pizza, hot dogs, pretzels, mac n cheese, chicken tenders, etc. Save the gourmet for the adults. It doesn’t need to be a lot. Their little tummies can only handle so much.

Ask the adults if their kids have allergies and other diet restrictions and take note of them when planning your menu. Who wants to end the party with a medical emergency?

Set up a separate area for the kids’ food and drinks. If they can eat without supervision, you won’t have to worry about them so much since they can help themselves. Once in a while, check if they need refills!

Don’t Fuss Over Little Things

There are entertainers who love to obsess about the tiniest details. The reality is that Instagram-worthy parties take a lot of time and work. But the ball game changes when you’re planning a party for adults who are taking children along.

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Children really rock the boat. Nothing is ever predictable when they’re around. They won’t care how much your fancy dinnerware costs. If they break it, they break it! Get hold of these balloons for easy, fuss-free décor with big impact.

Foresight at the Forefront

Every party has a different set of personalities. Get to know each guest – adults and kids – and think about how their personalities will mesh during the party. If there’s a new kid joining your kid’s gang, talk to your kid about integrating a new member ahead of time and check up on them once in a while during the party.

Balancing conflicting preferences will be challenging and sometimes frustrating, but you’ll get the hang of it. It’ll make you a better host/hostess!