Don't Get Into That DIY Wedding Project Just Yet

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Don't Get Into That DIY Wedding Project Just Yet

 A DIY wedding seems like a fun and cheaper option at first, but wait until you actually start doing it. Some DIY projects take you longer to do and can be more expensive than ready-made projects Here are some questions to ask for quality, cost-effective DIY wedding projects.

How much time do I have?

Time should be your ally if you decide to do some DIY projects for your wedding, especially if it’s a big one. Take a hard look at your schedule before you decide, lest you find yourself still halfway through your photo booth backdrop two days before the wedding.

When blocking time for DIY projects, you also need to make room for mistakes. You can be a bit smug about tight deadlines when you’re skilled at a certain DIY project but if you’re doing it for the first time, make way for a longer lead time so you can deal with trial and error at a more relaxed pace.

Have you done DIY before?

This isn’t meant to alienate neophyte DIY enthusiasts, but the undeniable truth is you can only get better with practice.

Know what you are capable of before selecting your DIY project. Those who have never done it before should read instructions and visualize each step. Which parts will be difficult and which can you breeze through?

What and what not to DIY?

Strike DIY projects that require your attention on the big day itself – cake, food, and hair and makeup are on the list. Some brides like doing their own look, but your hair and makeup could take half a day if you aren’t experienced enough. Note that the Duchess of Cambridge even took up a few lessons before pulling off DIY hair and makeup for the wedding of everyone’s dreams.


Invitations, souvenirs, table centerpieces, place cards, and even bouquets are doable for brides-to-be. Once they’re done, you just have to set them aside till the wedding day. Make a calendar for the DIY process and stick to it so that everything’s done on schedule.

Where will you source materials?

Don’t find yourself in the middle of a project missing several materials and not knowing where to get them! That’s the stuff nightmares are made of.

Find your materials before you fully commit to a project. Know where to go when you need to re-stock.

Who will help you?

By all means, don’t forget to ask this question! Your friends and family are probably more than willing to help if you ask them.

It helps to identify which friend or family is good at what before you enlist their help. A visual artist friend will have fun designing your invitations, while a musically-inclined groomsman will be happy to make your after-party playlist.

Stick to a vision – and budget

Wedding DIY projects will significantly lengthen your to-do list. Before you start your projects, create your vision first. What look or vibe do you want for your wedding? What elements are you going to prioritize? Is it going to be a big or small celebration? You can always turn to this vision when you get lost in all the details of the planning. These questions should also help you determine your budget, so you don’t unwittingly splurge on unnecessary DIY materials. Have fun making the big day come to life with your own hands!